{*Cleaning Machine*}

Wow! Guys! WOW!

I had no idea so many people would come to my defense! You all totally made my day. I got at least ten emails from ladies saying that at some point in their sewing, someone has been way harsh to them as well, which made me feel better, but then I got ANGRY. Seriously? What gives other people the right to be so mean? Sheesh. But I'm pretty thankful to have you all to be so insanely nice!

I've been so so so tired lately. I have no idea why. Yesterday I got home and slept for almost 5 hours on the couch and then had no problems falling asleep last night and then sleeping until noon today. Eek. I feel like I could fall asleep again at any second now! I'm just beat!

Good news!!! My sewing machine is coming back on Tuesday! Woot! It had a computer problem :( Sad! But yay for it coming home! woot!

Today I've been housecleaning. It's extremely humid today so I have all the windows open and I'm thankful for the slightest breeze. I'm going to vacuum in a few minutes. I made myself an ironing board!!! YAY!!! So I have a regular ironing board and hate it. So I usually iron on some towels on my counter. Yeah. SO BAD. I know.

Today I went to the quilt shop and bought some heat resistant fabric! It was really cheap, I think a little over $5 a yard! SCORE! I used up some pieces of 100% cotton batting. And I got some momo while I was there! OMG. Staple guns are a BLAST. I kept looking for other things to staple in place when I was done. lol. It was really fast and really easy. It's just a tv tray! How cool is that? So it folds up flat when its not being used. It's the perfect height, I was able to sit in my chair and work on my blocks for the online quilting bee I'm part of, a bunch of the ladies already have their blocks done!

It's kinda nerve wracking sewing with someone elses fabric so I'm going realllllly slowly.

Tonight I'm going to make the backing for my moms mothers day gift, pin it and quilt it. It's a good tv night :) Lie to me, criminal minds and csi ny. I never ever watched this much tv until I started sewing. For some reason it makes time fly by! I used to feel guilty but I watch all sorts of great stuff, especially since we get TWO Pbs channels here! yessssss!

I've been reading quite a bit lately. I read the newest James Patterson Ladies Murder Club! I forget that Costco discounts the heck out of their hardcover books. I'm reading a Robert Ludlum book currently. I've been super annoyed with my sewing lately, I spent more time yesterday unsewing/seam ripping quilt than I did actually sewing! lol! Hopefully tonight goes a little smoother!

OH! And you know my mixed tape quilt? With the yellow sashing? Well I decided to donate the quilt top! One of my friends who I quilt with on Thursdays donates quilts to local dialysis patients. I thought the bright yellow sashing might make someone completely smile, the bright is totally cheery! It's a win win situation!

Have you started your mothers day gifts yet? Do you have anything planned for them? I'm hoping to get mine done tonight and bound tomorrow. It's totally my mom and I super hope she loves it!