{*The Future Looks Bright*}

OMG! Best mail day EVER! BESTTTT!!!!

All those fabrics are destined to be pads! The month of May is going to be so fantastic business wise! I'm dying to get started! Can't WAITTTTTT!!!!! Wildwood is my favoritest new fabric collection EVER. And I bought Michael Miller funky Christmas! And and and OWLS! And APPLES!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

I got a present from my friend Yahaira! Love love LOVE! She sent me a copy of Happy Hooker so I can learn how to crochet! AND! A skein of gooooorgeous yarn and I'm charging my camera battery so I can take a proper photo! I also got a present from Amanda! She sent me some munkimunki sushi fabric AND some gorgeous new jewels! Wow! Am I spoiled or WHAT! And wait, last week Melissa send me TWO HR prints! WHHHHATTT!!! Yup!!!

So ready for this? I'm trying something new. Well new-ish for me! I'm using traditional fabrics!!! Well, what I'd consider traditional prints, from Fig & Plum. So maybe modern traditional? Holy gorgeous. The rich burgundies. The luminous peach. The chocolately browns. Yup. It's totally not me, but so me. It reminds me of my grandparents house. So to mix it up I'm using this tutorial to make a zig zag quilt! It uses my favorite way of making triangles, favorite in that I've done it three times now so it doesn't feel too scary. I'm going to make a bunch of smaller lap quilts for the back of my couch. Our house is essentially two rooms and one room is all windows. All 1920s windows. Who leak air. And it gets COLD in here. The curtains move with the wind. So sheesh, I guess in order to help my power bill I'm going to have to start making more and more quilts. Or buy a snuggie. But you know. Quilts are better! Although it appears snuggies are coming with free book lights..oh the CHOICES!!!!!! THE DEBATE!!!

Then once I'm done with that I'm going to finish up my Neptune Coin Quilt top. Then finish piecing together my retreat quilt, I'm not in a huge rush to finish it, as I'm going to take a long arm quilting class so I can quilt it myself. I'm still working on two hex quilts which will be long term and my Heather Ross dream quilt! I have 4 long term projects which is pretty good. Each have decent chunks done of them. My hexes I work on by hand and applique once I have a bunch done. My Heather Ross quilt so many people are mailing me bits and pieces of fabric from their own stashes! It feels so so so weird to work on multiple projects at once, almost scary! I'm very much a project starter and finisher. I want to get things done in a timely manner, but as my quilting pals say "enjoy the process!". Well...ok. twist my arm!

I bought a pattern last night too! I'm making it out of County Fair by Denyse Schmidt. I'm pretty excited! All her patterns look ammmmmazzzzzzing, I'm going to try that one first just to see if its something I can do and then I'm going to get a few others!

Tonight I'm planning on sitting on the couch and alternating between learning to crochet and binding my moms mothers day gift! New Bones! Office! 30 Rock! Southland! BESTTTT!!!!

Also, wow. too much sleep turned into no sleep! I was up until 4 am sewing and reading! Oops!

I'm super behind on flickr messages. For some reason they weren't being emailed to me! So I have 15 swaps that I'm doing with friends and I need to organize myself to please bear with me!!!!

xoxo have a great Thursday!!!!