{*Crumbles of Ideas*}

I had such a nice weekend!

Mr.McPorkchop & I drove to Redding on Friday and hung out with my mom for Mothers Day. Boy, its a shock to the system to go from 50 degrees to 90! lol! She had booked a craft show for Saturday but sadly couldn't get the day off from work, so I did the show for her! It was nice to just sit outside under a canopy and talk to people and sell her ceramics! She's such a talented mom! She also the most self-less person EVER. EVER. She'd give you anything but never do anything for herself so imagine my surprise when I saw her brand new hot tub! Hollllly smokes. Waterfall. Jets for even your feet. Beautiful lights. I'm so so so glad she did something for herself that makes her so happy and relaxed. It was so nice, even though it was very warm during the day, at night it cooled down and we both sat in the tub and chatted. Nice!

Sunday was so so so awesome! The quilt shop is now open on Sundays and we did a sit and sew from 11 til after 8. It was AWESOME! I got to hang out with all my favorite ladies, Liz, Brenda Lou, Larissa (who is rumored to be starting a blog!!! yessss!), Angie and Laura. BEST! Angie showed us two new quilts that she and Weezie are working on the patterns for. Hollllllly smokes, they both were PHENOM. I can't wait to get my greedy little hands on them. Since I'm a complete quilting newb and learning to read patterns, I offered to test quilt for her, lol. I'm such dork! ;)

I cut some linen yardage into 2.5 inch strips and then into squares. Then I cut into all those gorgeous fabrics from my last post. Just a 2.5 inch strip. And so began my new love affair with 9 patches. Wow. Those are just wayyy too much fun!!! I'm going to do the 9 patchalong! You should totally join me! AND!!! I got to play around with Liz's featherweight! I promptly fell in love, came home and emailed Mr. McPorkchops Dad about them. He's so good about finding cool stuff for me, lol. I'm going to start squirreling away $10 a week so I can afford one hopefully by my birthday in August. haha.Wishful thinking right? I might be dragging my mom and Caren to some thrift stores.

I just had my mail man bring me my 1/4 inch foot for my machine! woot! I'm going to try and work on finishing up my queen size quilt so I can send it off to the quilter! Yay!!! I also got a huge bundle (huge to me, lol!) of fabrics for my quilt and just now I got the pattern. Woot! It looks slightly complicated to cut, so I might wait til Thursday :):)

Have a great Monday friends!!! xoxo

ps, if you can help me, I'd be forever thankful! I've been looking through flickr help for the past hour and everything they suggest I've sadly done :( meaning srgb :(