I'm going to visit my mom! I'm going I'm going I'm going!!! I'm soooo excited!!! I'm leaving insanely early in the morning on Monday! YESSSSSSSSS! Best part? Her BEST FRIEND from Boston is coming!!! YESSSSS!!!! I'm sensing I'm going to gain so much weight and die from laughter.

Mr.McPorkchop starts his summer job on Monday and sadly, he's gone all week long. But the plus side is normally I'm extra productive when he's not here! The bad side? He needs to teach me photoshop before he leaves. Something is completely wonky with my adobe lightroom + flickr, its graying and darkening my photos and I HATE IT!!! I searched their forums and did all the suggestions and if anything, they look WORSE! Sheesh. So I'm going to try photoshop and learn how to resize and straighten photos. I'm kinda terrified of photoshop. xten. Even wordpress is slightly flattening my photos :( I wish I could show you how pretty they look on my screen!

I'm really excited about this summer! I'm doing two craft shows in Northern California with my mom! In preparation for this I've made a list of things that I'm going to sell! Coin purses! Clutches! And...baby quilts!!! YESSSS!!! How exciting is this?! They are in June and in July, so I have tons of time to prepare for each event. I'm not going into it thinking that I'm going to sell a ton of stuff, I do a *lot* of business research and realize that now isn't the time that people are spending freely, but it would be a blast to try something new and I get to spend time with my mom + help her!!!! I bought 80 zippers last night! lol. Of course some of those will be used for pad bags but is it bad that I can't wait for them to arrive so I can take cute photos of them?!

I bought a hello betty honeybun today! It's my first honeybun! I used a jelly roll for a Neptune coin quilt and it was super fun so these little strips will be extra fun!

have a great night! xoxo