{*Bye For Now*}


  • Tomorrow I'm going to Redding.
  • Tomorrow I'm going to the Doctor.
  • I bought two honeybuns.
  • I bought a Singer Featherweight.
  • It was sunny out today.
  • I learned foundation piecing.
  • I have unopened packages in my front room that contain surprises!
  • My best friend graduated from college this weekend!

Semi Good:

  • I gave my best friend who graduated a card. That played music. I left it on his front door.
  • I got my sewing machine back from the repair shop and it was a lot cheaper than I expected.
  • I'm having house guests next weekend.
  • I did laundry today. Kinda.


  • I have the flu. Think nothing makes me happy. Not even Maru. You know that's a big deal.
  • Someone must have beaten me last night in my sleep because I feel terrible.
  • I've slept more than 15 hours a DAY since Friday.
  • It's sunny outside and I'm missing it.
  • I missed the farmers market.
  • I missed my best friends graduation.
  • I leave for Redding at 4:30 am. Today. Tomorrow morning. Whatever.
  • I have unopened packages from friends in my living room that I haven't been able to open because of reason #2 in the bad list. I'm afraid I'll sneeze, cough, ruin them. Or cut myself open them. I may or may not have almost cut myself trying to open a package of theraflu. Seriously? Who designs those things? Don't they know sharp objects + sick people = accident waiting to happen?!
  • It's been almost 2 months without a paycheck. Ouch. xten.
  • I have 6!!! amazing packages ready to be mailed to friends and I haven't touched them. Also because of reason #2. +#1
  • One of my packages is waiting for fabric. From Japan. That hasn't arrived yet >:(


  • My mom is amazing and I'm going to the doctors tomorrow. A real doctor. My real doctor. My real doctor who knows that once my sinuses are infected (for 3+ months mind you) that its time to call in antibiotics. She's a normal doctor.
  • I'm coming home on Thursday from Redding so I'll have pads, presents, trades, finished blocks, snacks, treats and trinkets in the mail the following Monday when I get home. Come hell or highwater.
  • I'm making a honeybun quilt while I'm at my moms. I'm not working on swaps, blocks, pads, etc while I'm there because she's a cigarette smoker (moooooommmmm~!!!!! QUITTTT!!! COME ON!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!) and I don't want to expose fabrics that aren't for me to that. >:(
  • It's sunny in Redding and I can sew outside! I can sit in the sunshine! I can bake the sickness out of my body! Or fall over from heat stroke. Either or.
  • I'm making my bestfriend who's graduation I missed a quilt. A robot and panda themed kawaii quilt. With that fabric. From Japan. That's not here yet. But some of it is!!! Hopefully a quilt will put me back on the BFF list.

Until next time when I'm not asleep at the keyboard and drowning in my own mucus *tmi! tmi!!!!!*, I hope you had a great weekend! I'm not sure if I'm going to be bringing my laptop with me! We'll see how alert I am in the morning :) I'm also trying a new comment platform that lets me reply to you via comment and it should be emailing you when I reply *crosses fingers*