(sneak peek at a new doll quilt!)

What a week! love love loved it!

I got to Redding early Monday morning. Have you ever driven for 4 hours with a sinus infection? And by driving I mean changing elevations? And by that I mean driving HWY 299? OMG. WORST!!!

Turned out my doctor was sick. Haha. Just my luck right? Well I went to Urgent Care on Tuesday and walked away with antibiotics! Turns out I had a sinus infection, double ear infection and bronchitis! Niiiiceeee!

I laid on my moms couch all week. I love the antibiotics but they make me feel like barfing. TMI? Probably, but I think you can handle it. Also, imagine being in the BEST weather, 87 and breezy and not being able to go outside! WORST! Antibiotics = Sunburn!

So I slowly worked on some 9 patches, ate some ammmmazing meals my mom made, and just relaxed. It was nice!

This weekend was so busy, lots of work, lots of packing of packages, lots of organization! And spending time with Mr. McPorkchop! This weekend was our anniversary and from now until August I'll only be seeing him on the weekends, aweee!!!! Also, My mom surprised me on Saturday with an iphone in the mail! I should say that my previous cell phone was Wes's and I used it after he passed away, I don't know why but I liked using something of his daily. Comforting I guess? Sadly, it was on its last legs and so was my moms phone, they both were 7+ years old! That's unheard of in cell phones, lol, so we both got a fancy upgrade. My mom texts now. OMG. Hilariously AWESOME! I looooove it!!!

I'm spending the day working on PADS! Yes!!!!! I'm going to try and put some liners in the shop tonight or tomorrow depending on how much I get done. I'm working on orders and extra goodies to add in those packages. Yay!!!!

Late tonight check back here! It's the start of Sew Mama Sews blog give away!!! The giveaway will be open until the 31st of May so there will be tons of time to enter! I'll be giving away THREE DAILY LINERS!!! To THREE different lucky ladies!!! YESSSSS! So check back here late tonight for the official post!

In the mean time, I need to shower and get sewing!

Leave me a comment of your favorite iphone ap, tip, anything! I'm a tech newb! lol! So far my favoritest thing has been kindle! You can download books to your iphone! love love love!!!! Oh! And my ring tone :) It's the theme to the Office! :):)

Have an amazing Tuesday everyone!