Books I Read In January:

I loooove to read. It's my favorite thing to do before bed! I'll admit right off the bat that I am *not* a discriminating reader. I just want entertainment and a little escape. I don't read serious books, mostly because life is too serious already!

Here are some books I read in January:

  • Faceless Killers: A Mystery. I super loved this one, I absolutely love the Wallander series on PBS and reading the books is nice because they are subtly different than the show. I think I read the other two after this one but I don't think I noted it on goodreads. I'll figure this out and report back. Either way, it's a great dark series.
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer & The Evolution of Mara Dyer. This is a pretty decent YA series. Entertaining and I know I'll read the next in the series but I sort of felt like it got a little repetitive towards the end.
  • Crescendo. Meh. I sort of think I'm over this series but I'm weird and feel like I HAVE to finish a series unless it's absolutely dreadful.
  • Firelight. This is one kindle had on sale for $2.99 and I got it on a whim. I really liked it, I spent the majority of the book wondering what on earth was the genre of the book! Mystery? Romance? Historical? Paranormal? I don't know but I enjoyed the heck out of it! I looked forward to reading before bed.
  • Moonglow. The second in the Darkest London series...I couldn't get into it. I liked Firelight much more!
  • Ever After. OH YES. My favorite book of the month. Love love love! I feel like Rachel totally grows as a character in this book and it has a LOT of Trent! woo woo!!! By the last chapter I was both SO EXCITED, SLIGHTLY SAD but also OMG RACHEL YOU ARE SO MATURE! I sort of want to re-read the series from the beginning now!

What did you read in January?!