March Means...Marchy McMushroom!


Soooo many people were like OMG SO MUCH STITCHING IN FEBRUARY! I'm super glad when we designed the pattern that we put this little mushroom in for March! I think it'll help people not become too discouraged. April is going to be super fun, it has a lot of details but not so many that it'll be overwhelming.

Can you guess who named this guy? I did. ;) Haha! Each time we come up with a pattern, I send Ashleigh these goofy little emails with a story about the character. Because I think I'm actually a daydreaming 8 year old, doodling in a notebook and laying in the grass.

Here is this guys story in email form.

"hi mushroom, what's your name?"

"my name is marchy mcmushroom! I live in a little glass terrarium in the study of a girl who loves kit kats!"::
Can you guess who recently discovered the joy of kit kats? ;) I told Porkchop yesterday my dream milkshake would involve kit kats and potato chips. Clearly I'm craving salty & sweet. But don't worry, I didn't actually make that milkshake.
Actually, speaking of strange food, one last thing before I go...have you guys seen the Lay's new flavor chips? I got a bag of chicken & waffles and a bag of sriracha. I've had a few of the chicken & waffles, I've never actually had the pleasure of eating chicken & waffles together but I'm sort of obsessed with the idea. I love...salty & sweet (I know, I'm repetitive and predictable!). One of my favorite things is breakfast sausage with maple, when I make sausage from scratch I tend to go a teeny bit overboard on the maple extract. And I lust after making this recipe ALL THE TIME but you know...clearly not a health food. ANYWAYS, the chicken & waffle chips aren't too shabby. I can't eat more than a 4-5 at once because they are a little much but a good rare treat!
And, you can sign up for Woodland Sampler year round! There's no deadline, you can join whenever you want! The workroom has floss in stock for it too! We do have another club coming up, SPRINGTIME SAMPLER! I've been sneaking in photos on instagram but I'll take some photos today for the blog so you guys can see it too!
It's supposed to be 72 degrees here today and I have spring fever xten.