Scarlet's Quilt

I have a very sweet friend named Tracey. She's the first person I ever knew, in real life, through a complete duration of a pregnancy with lots of hang out time during it. I'll never forget the anxiety I felt driving around Chico & Paradise with her when she was like, 3 months pregnant. I kept being terrified each bump would kill her. I have little (read that as zero) experience with pregnant women, babies, children, etc. If you look up "least maternal person" in an encyclopedia, you'll see my face. For example when she told me she was pregnant at Costco one weekend, I gave her a high 5 and told her that was rad. Walking away I asked Chop if that was the appropriate response...turns out she didn't mind and I'm thankful for that.

 Tracey was SO CUTE as a pregnant person (and obviously today she is just as cute!) she's short and was very tan and always looked so healthy and happy. She told me all about pregnancy, her hopes for Scarlet's birth & such. I'd touch her stomach when she'd kick and it was pretty neat. I got to hold Scarlet while she napped on me. She was very soft and incredibly warm. I was both incredibly excited to hang out with her but also terrified. I made sure Tracey tucked her into my arm and I didn't.move.a.single.inch.

I knew I wanted to make her a baby quilt. If you look up in the same encyclopedia "most selfish crafter ever", you'll also see my face. I'm bad at making gifts for others, I worry that the person won't like it or won't appreciate it. Very, very, very few people in my life have things I've actually made them. I'm mean, I know. But Tracey I knew would USE a quilt and I thought it would be neat giving a quilting friend a quilt! And I wanted something special for the only baby I met!!!

So I dug through my fabrics and picked the most girly things I could ever find and went to town...a week after she was born. And Lindsay did a BEAUTIFUL job quilting it for me!

And just sat. Waiting for me to sew the binding on. Which I did!!! In January. And Scarlet is one. Dictionary:Worst.Friend.EVERRRRR.

But now the quilt is at it's new home, with an extremely adorable little girl, a cute older brother and Tracey & Jay! <3<3<3 Thanks for being patient with me!!!