My favorite snack ever. And my favorite pan ever. Le Creuset's Soup Pot.

Where do I begin today's blog post?

 If it was legal to marry a pan..


Snacking is why I'm chubby..

I love Friday's..


Ok let's start here:

In August Le Creuset sent me some amazing pans to try and review. Crazy right? I'm not a food blogger at all, I'm just a girl who loves to cook. A lot. And I like inspiring other people to cook, via instagram and by teaching them in classes.

I'm going to have a full week of pan/cookware reviews coming up soon but I can't stop obsessing over this pan so I'll share a smidge about it today. And popcorn. And dill.

One of my hugest pet peeves is when a company gives a person an item to review and then 24 hours later, they give this gushing, glowing review. What the what?! How can you form an opinion that quick?! I certainly can't. Which is why I rarely accept things from manufacturers and why my blog is ad free. But this pan? I've lived with it. I've dropped it. I've had cooking successes and failures in it. It's been abused. And hands down, without a doubt, if you asked me what my very favorite pan is, I'd say this one. If I was stuck on an island with one pan, this would be my choice. It's my soulmate in pan form!

It's real name is Le Creuset's 4 1/4 Qt Soup Pot. The color I have is called Ocean and it's quite possibly the most beautiful color. A few years ago Chop surprised me with the tea kettle in the same color and it's dreamy. A perfect slate gray. And it's DURABLE. I've brought it too and from cooking classes, friends houses, camping, etc. I had a rather memorable occasion  (read that as, I was horrified!) when I was juggling things out of our car and dropped it onto the pavement. No dings. No scratches. Relief for sure!

Our electric stove is quite possibly one of the worst. It's ancient (no really!) and it has two settings: barely on and flaming hot. This pan distributes heat wonderfully. I can simmer soups successfully, I can create amazing jams and it goes from stove top to oven perfectly- ala my favorite curry recipe. 

Ok, so later on I'll tell you more about this pan because I'm totally in fan girl mode right now and I'm rambling and I REALLY want to share with you my obsession with popcorn! And dill!

When I was little my mom, who's an amazing cook, would make things like chicken & dumplings and I'd throw a hissy fit because I hated the green floating things (dill). Thankfully I've grown out of my hatred of dill (like, 3 months ago).

So now I eat dill like, daily. On eggs, mixed in yogurt cheese, in soups, on baked yams. Basically, dill 24/7. And now..dill popcorn.

I saw on pinterest a link to Soule Mama's blog post about popcorn. And I thought it would be fun to take some photos of my favorite popcorn and share them with you!

I make my popcorn on the stove top using Simply Recipe's method, which is super easy and always works out perfectly. Even if you have a horrid stove. You just need a good pan. ;)

Here's what I do differently:

A heaping tablespoon of coconut oil instead of another neutral oil. I found this out accidentally, I don't keep many oils in the house except for olive oil, which you shouldn't use because it'll burn. I had a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil left in a jar and gave it a try...perfect!

I use 1/4 cup of dill, a hearty shake (or 5) of Bragg's Sprinkle, a melted tablespoon of butter, some smoked Alder salt (it sounds weird but it's heavenly), some garlic powder and a healthy grating of romano cheese. That's it. And it's perfect for Friday's! You can eat it out of the pan if you are lazy like me or share with your family.

You know what else is perfect for Friday's?! Springtime Sampler. YES. It's ready for pre-sale today and it has a chart to get you started! And theworkroom has floss bundles and fabric!

That's a lot of info for one blog post huh? I'll be back on Monday with some Springtime Sampler sneak peeks.

Have a good weekend!