Sock Sack pattern winner and a little review of Doodle Stitching- Embroidery & Beyond!

(bottom photo from Beth Sweet)

I can't believe it's already May! When did that happen? I feel like this year is FLYING by!

Lately I've been doing a bunch of cross stitching. Like, more than normal. I think right now I'm averaging 5-8 hrs per day because we have a ton of new patterns coming out (don't forget that I co-own a cross stitch pattern company with my bff!). And then I sneak in a few hours of embroidery on the weekends.

I have this dream that when we buy a house next fall (yes! next fall is our goal! o m g!) my kitchen is going to be filled with hand embroidered linens. I want a ton of feed sack towels and then a bunch of indie silk screened ones too. It's kind of become an obsession. I feel like I'm squirreling away all these handmade treasures for the future in little boxes.

A few months ago Beth from Lark contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in a copy of Aimee Ray's new book, Doodle Stitching- Embroidery & Beyond. I said YES! Full disclosure: normally I don't say yes because I'm not really the advertising sort but I said yes because I really enjoyed Aimee's first book- Doodle Stitching! 

This book takes off where that one stops- it shows you different sorts of stitches from cross stitch to crewel, sashiko & cut work. It's pretty neat! My favorite project in the book is called Canvas Cuckoo Clock- it's literally a clock that you embroider! It's super cute, I already traced the design onto a tea towel.

I think it's a pretty cute book, I don't really love the look of cut work & stump work but she presents them in an easy to understand and fun way! This book is definitely geared towards someone who wants to broaden their handwork repertoire and I like that! But there are also clear and concise directions with illustrations on how to do basic stitches as well.

If you'd like to win a copy of the book and embroidery floss, just leave me a comment! This is the last giveaway for a while, I have some books I read in March/April, plus a quilt to share with you! I'll pick a winner on Sunday!!!

PS: The winner of the sock sack pattern is EMMA L! Emma, can you email me so I can forward your info along to Ramona?! thank you! I loved reading all your comments- I added so much stuff to my ravelry favorites which is great because I had to frog a pair of Hermoine socks...noooo! :( :)