Sock Sack Sewing Pattern Giveaway! CLOSED. THANK YOU!

It's Monday! It's the last week of my & Ashleigh's small business finance class-our brains are exploding from ratios, quickbooks and cost analysis. It's already over 90 degrees here-omg. I have a million hours of work to do this week (I'm looking at you mailchimp!) and it's a little overwhelming so let's do something fun k?

How about a pattern giveaway?

Last week I cast on for a new pair of socks (I went with a toe up version of these) and posted a little photo on instagram. Libby saw it and commented that I needed a sock sack. My first response was HEH? WHAT? But then I learned it's a pretty dang cute sewing pattern by Ramona, I bought it off Craftsy and a half hour later I had a new little bag. No joke. 30 minutes. Instant gratification which is totally right up my alley lately!

I've already made three (one was mailed as a secret present for a friend this morning) and I've cut out a Halloween and a Christmas one. Yeah. I *love* project bags. I have easily a dozen box bags, several drawstring bags, etc but this is just for two at a time sock knitting which is my favorite way to knit socks. It has little snaps so you can move your yarn and a neat little divider that helps give the bag structure.

These little bags are sort of like candy, once you make one suddenly you want a dozen. I already made one for a friend but I think I'm going to make a bunch for Christmas gifts and include a skein of yarn for my knitting friends. So act surprised if you get one in the mail from me k?! ;)

Leave me a comment telling me about either your very favorite skein of yarn or pair of socks by Wednesday and I'll randomly pick a person to win a copy of Ramona's pattern! On Thursday I'll announce the winner & post an embroidery book review! (but I pinkie promise that I won't do a million giveaways-that's not my style.)(pss: this quilt I'm taking photos on? Still not bound! I get an F ;))