Works in Progress: May Edition

I thought I'd share with you all my current WIPs (works in progress). Some of these are long term, some are instant gratification, some are work related and some are just silly.

I took my photos this morning before the sun was fully risen in our bedroom so they are a little dark but that's ok right?! ;)

I'll start with my most recent sewing:

Amanda from Westwood Acres very sweetly sent me some Briar Rose scraps! I knew instantly that I wanted to make the same pouch that Amy did. I made it my goal to use JUST scraps and NOT cut them. Oh and improv piece it. Those are all things I'm quite terrible at but I wanted to branch out. I'm not sure I *love* it but that's ok! Unfortunately my sewing machine started to act funny during the quilting (ok-let's be honest, it's been cranky all winter). I did all the normal things: clean, oil, replace needles/bobbins/etc. Still no luck. By the time I attached the piping the machine wasn't holding it's tension at all anymore SO! To the dealer I will go and get a tune-up. And I think the timing is slightly off. No sewing for a little while!

Two weeks ago I got it into my head that I *needed* a new Halloween quilt. I decided to make a new Donut Quilt from my stash. I have the blocks partly done. It'll be a fast finish once I get my machine fixed. I haven't decided on a border fabric yet though. All I know is, that donut quilt gets SO much love around here, it's the perfect size for me to drag everywhere. I think this might be the first time I've ever made a pattern twice?!

Oh these blocks! They kill me! (in a very good way of course!) They are from the Forest QAL and quite possibly my favorite things ever. However, I need at least a full day of complete quiet for each block. Not because they are hard, they are really straight forward but because I am *really* slow at paper piecing and these blocks have a ton of pieces in them. I have the feather and the woodpecker done, I'm using just scraps which is fun. It's a little tricky to pick fabrics for them though. This is definitely my long term project- it's special and I'm not into rushing it. I'd love to finish it by July and enter it into the fair but that's probably wishful thinking. Also: They are crunchy & wrinkled looking because...I haven't removed the paper yet! LOL! ;)

I've needed to apply the binding to this quilt since March. Eep! Lindsay did an amazing quilting job on it! But literally that's the only corner bound. It doesn't stop me from using it all the time though.

It's not all sewing though...I cast on for a new pair of socks this week! I happily knit outside in Chico yesterday while Ashleigh worked on our shop! It got a facelift! And we re-released Fruit of the Month Club! Somehow in my excitement to be hanging out, I started doing the size large chart on my size medium sock! Doh! But I tried them on and somehow the pattern is still pretty centered. Maybe my feet are strange shaped? IDK! But I'm going to keep going. They also got the nickname "Cinnamon Toast Crunch Socks" from Chop?!

Speaking of work! Here is my Woodland Sampler! Even though we've had the full chart done & tested last year, I cross stitch along with everyone. It's just more fun that way. Plus I can share sneak peeks leading up to the first of each month!

That's everything! All my current WIPs! How about you? What are you working on?