Finished: Harvest Dew Socks

I have no idea what is going on with our weather but I am so not complaining. Tonight seriously felt like Fall. I was totally in heaven!

I finished my Harvest Dew Socks last night & I'm smitten.

I made them toe up and was helped by these notes. They came together really fast, the pattern was easy to memorize. It certainly helped that Chop & I did nothing but hang out all weekend watching movies. (Side note: I struggled with the Hunger Games series- I read the first two but couldn't get into the third. Surprisingly I *loved* the movie!)

The yarn! Oh! The yarn! It really makes these socks. I used Miss Bab's Northumbria BFL fingering and I think it's one of my new favorites. I bought it originally thinking that it was the same base as Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn, wrong! I truly have no clue why I thought this! I loved how wool-y this yarn feels. My last pair of socks had cashmere and I think my hands got used to that. But please don't read this as the yarn was scratchy because it's not at all, it's just unique feeling to me. I loved how the yarn has soft fuzzy halo to it, truly beautiful. I really enjoyed taking these photos as the sun was setting, the last photo shows the yarn in all it's glory. My skein didn't have a bunch of darks in it and I'm totally a-ok with that. At the same time I bought this skein I got deep sea jelly fish and I can't wait to knit with it. I'd like to try the Tart base next! One more thing! Their customer service is *so* good. I had a silly question and emailed them late on a Thursday night, I had a reply Friday morning, I bought my yarn Friday at noon and by 2 pm it had shipped. <3!!!

Naturally I did what anyone does when they finish something...I started something new!

Ashleigh & I are gearing up to start pre-sale for Summer Sampler and this is a huge deal. Like crazy huge. We've been working like maniacs on it and I would go as far as saying that it is our best and most legit chart yet. I'm kind of freaking out about how neat it is. Our testers, our stitcher and our friends who've seen it think it's the bees knees!

So today we met in Chico, I twisted her arm into going to the yarn store with me before we got to work and I got this cute little Della Q bag. It says "Knit With Love", so sweet! The yarn I'm using is Plucky Feet in Grady's Grouse. I have no clue what I'll use for a second color yet. It was an impulse cast on, Ashleigh does a *ton* of computer work during our meetings and I sort of feel lame just sitting there, so I always bring a project that doesn't require focus.

I'm waiting for some very special sock yarn to arrive this week, once it does I might tuck this away. I realized I have just ONE shawl left out of all the ones I made last fall, I gave them all away! Whenever a good friend compliments me on something I've been known to just give it to them. I guess I sort of feel like I can always knit it again? But I never do! Do you do this too?

So my goal this summer is to boost my shawl collection but also knit more socks. And to knit from my stash. Which is so funny to type after I just said I was waiting for new sock yarn to arrive, lol!

I hope you are having a nice week so far, today we finally got to try The Hunter & The Farmer food truck. I had a donut. A paleo donut. The first time in years I ate a donut and didn't want to die afterwards. It was glorious. But I still haven't determined  when I'm going to get my sewing machine tuned up!