The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Presents: 2013 Summer Sampler!

I'm kind of freaking out! In the very best way of course!

Ashleigh & I have been working on this chart since March and I honestly think it's our best yet.

If you've been reading or following along, we spent the winter taking intensive business classes and meeting with a marketing expert. We knew we loved our business but definitely could use a lot of help! Our biggest goal of 2013 is to make The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery our full time job.

And we both now can say designing cross stitch patterns is our full time job!!! YESSSS!!!! And we have teamed up with a great business to help you get supplies! Small businesses helping small businesses is incredible!

This sampler is the summer part of our series that we started last December with Kawaii Winter Sampler and again in April with Springtime Sampler! There will be a Autumn Sampler too! (how could we not- I *love* fall!)

All four samplers are cohesive:

  • There are 25 little square frames.
  • It's a mystery!
  • Once a week for five weeks straight you fill in 5 frames at a time with kawaii goodness.
  • At the end of the year you'll have 4 seasons, all 11x11 inch cross stitched squares to frame & hang or make into pillows or whatever. But they all match. I'm hoping to have a little gallery when we buy a house of all 4 hanging together or making them into pillows and putting them out during the appropriate season.
  • A one time payment, not installments.

This is the pre-sale time which means when you sign up, get a list of supplies, a schedule, some notes with fun details of what to expect in June (contest, promo code, a goal!), a stitch guide and a cute little printable, PLUS  the chart for all 25 empty frames so you can get started stitching! And it's $12.95 until mid-June when we rise the price to $16.95.

Starting June 21st you'll receive a super cute email & pdf from us once a week and you'll start filling in the blocks! Awesome! This is my favorite part. I've learned how to set up the email list so it automatically sends at 12:15 am and waking up to see your excitement on facebook & instagram is the BEST! I also love posting sneak peeks and watching people guess, so much fun!

It's totally a surprise but I will say these blocks are filled to the BRIM with cuteness. Think of all the best things of summer- iced coffee *wink wink*, watermelon, camping- they'll alllllll be in this sampler!

The workroom carries floss bundles, fabric and beautiful notions! All for Summer Sampler as well as previous samplers which is awesome. So if you want to spend your summer vacation cross stitching, they've got you covered.

We hope you'll join us this summer and don't forget! We now offer gift subscriptions if you want to surprise someone special or stitch-a-long with a friend!

Tomorrow Chop & I are celebrating 7 years together! 7! incredible! I hope you guys have a nice weekend!

ps: If you signed up, check out the button in my sidebar! You can copy & paste the code into your blog to share that you are a Summer Pumpkin!