I bought sweater yarn.

Happy Memorial Day!

We visited Yosemite!

What an incredibly stunning place. It was my first time visiting and I have so many mixed feelings. I personally find my spirituality outdoors, Yosemite is truly awe inspiring. But so many of the things I saw broke my heart & we cut our trip short. If we go again, it'll be in the fall or winter for sure!

Yesterday we hopped back into the car and ran down to Roseville to run some errands. I look forward to visits to that area because I can stop at Babetta's! I finished the first part of Life on Sunday's, I still have no idea what color to do my stripes! My yarn is Plucky Feet in Grady's Grouse, I am so smitten with this color. It's like an oatmeal-y gray. Her colors are so inspired. I saw this skein of tosh sock in pop rocks and I had to buy it. I've used pop rocks before and it's one of my FAVORITES. The only thing is...as much as I *love* pink, I don't really wear it. I do love how they look together sooo much though! Also, how pretty is this one?

Hey! Socks! Oh this yarn, how I love thee! It's Lynai sparkle sock in Goblin. I am soooooo obsessed with this. Halloween! Sparkle! YES! I started a pair of Bavarian Cable Socks, I did one full chart repeat but I was struggling with the all the purling, I feel like I can never get it to look nice & neat. So I pulled them out but now I have 66 stitches and it feels a little tricky finding a pair of socks that works with 66 stitches, so I think I'll pull back to either 64 or 62. Plus 66 feels a teeny bit big on size 2 needles. I got another skein of Lynai in a color called Frankenstein and I saw this shawl and totally fell in love. It has to happen!

And then I did something crazy.

I bought enough yarn (sort of) for a sweater. Tosh DK in glazed pecan. I really want a cardigan but the more I look at ravelry, the more I realize it's a bit out of my reach. Seeing how many changes people make, how to edit patterns, gauge, math, omg. I love small projects and a cardigan isn't. I was having MAJOR buyers remorse last night but Chop was like "it's not like the yarn is going to expire, just hang onto it until you want to knit with it!" True, but I like to have a plan for everything and this was a lot of money for me! I'm a pretty monogamous knitter and I finish or frog everything I start, I sort of feel bad working on socks and a shawl at the same time, plus I want to do this knit-a-long in June. The thought of knitting a pair of socks, two shawls and a sweater at the same time feels...scary? overwhelming? overly indulgent?

Am I crazy for wanting to knit a cardigan for this fall? Plus knitting some socks and shawls?! Did you start any new projects this weekend?