(photo from zappos.com)

Well I got my wish/jinxed myself! Haha. I'm taking the day off. I'm not going to post any new pads, do any sewing, cook, bake, take photos, nothing. I recently started a new birth control and everything is fine and dandy but I have terrible cramps, so I'm going to curl up on the couch today and catch up on some reading, sleeping and movie watching with Mr. McPorkchop.

I'll be sure to announce again when I've updated the shop, I'm not sure when I will, we'll see how today goes. I have the hardest time taking days off, I feel so guilty! It totally doesn't help that out of the corner of my eye is my sewing machine, it's beckoning me, "come sewwww! comee onnnn!". But, I keep telling myself its ok because I had plans to take off last Sunday, but I ended up getting up at 5 am to sew. A day off is ok! Hahaha!!

Today my goal is to have a quiet day. A peaceful day. I'm not leaving the house or the couch.

The END.

I've been lusting after those acorn slippers all week, ever since I saw them in sunset magazine. I've been looking for a good house shoe for a while, something warm and cozy, but I can run outside in (not socks, although I've totally been known to do that), something not expensive and something ecofriendly.

I've never bought an ecofriendly shoe before. There are two things in life that I will spend large amounts of money on, shoes and handbags. I want both to last forever, be reliable, durable and cute. I don't buy a lot of trendy shoes or cheap bags, I feel like they are wastes of money. I'd rather save up and get something gorgeous that will last a lifetime. For some reason ecofriendly & reliable/durable/cute aren't going hand in hand in my mind. I think its because I live in hippie-ville and the "ecofriendly" shoes are held together with duct tape. Or people go shoeless completely, which is a different rant for a different day, lol!

So these little shoes are cute, I've been sleeping on the idea of them all week, but with a $50 price tag, I couldn't justify it, I'm on a budget, ya know?! Last night I ended up scoring them for $30, free shipping, no sales tax from shoebuy.com! I searched for some promo codes, plus I had a $10 reward on my credit card, so..they are mine. I really really hope they fit and are comfortable! I think the sole looks thin enough that I can sew with them on! yeahyeahyeah!!!!!! I"ll be sure to review them once they arrive.

Ok, bed and my heating pad are calling my name!!! Have a great day and an amazingly fantastic Friday!!!