I need this week to pause. Just pause. I gotta catch my breath! *Pause!* Haha.

I'm working on paintings, custom orders and a zillion other things. I just need more time!!! There simply are not enough hours in the day for me. I ended up thinking about taking a day off this week and I realized I haven't taken a full day off, no sewing, no emailing nothing, in 3 weeks.

Three weeks.


I just can't help it! I start sewing and then I get more ideas and then I sketch and then I want to paint and so on and so forth.

I've been keeping etsy well stocked, which is *awesome*. I'm hoping tomorrow to list some liners, I have all the fabrics ironed and ready to go. I love sewing with Japanese fabrics so much, they just feel so nice in my hands and the quality is phenom. I love love love love sewing with nice fabrics because I know they are sturdy and will last a really really long time, which is perfect for ecofriendly products!

Mr. McPorkchop & I have been sitting on the floor all evening, listening to the rain and working on a bag pattern together. We have all the pieces cut out (he cut while I made dinner) and tomorrow morning I'm going to get up extra early to package orders and sew the demo bag and then we can go from there. I'm dying to show you guys photos of *something*!!!! I did make myself a sleep mask, lol, it's cute and functional but not really post worthy :)

I'm starting to gather ideas for Valentines Day! We've been talking about taking a hike during the day, I've been researching the best local hikes, I'm hoping we can do a very very very easy and simple one. I just started a new inhaler and its awesome, but having an attack on Valentines Day is *not* on my to-do list!!! Hahaha! I'm also thinking that it might rain, because it always rains here, but I'd like to do something all day out doors!

I'm planning on buying a bottle of prosecco because I adore it and there are some amazing drinks that Giada  has made with it. I'm also dying to make Baked Fudge because I have a super cute set of creuset ramakins that I've never used and this seems like a perfect excuse to bring them out! I guess I should plan a real meal too, haha!!!

okok! I'm off to get back to work!!!

I hope your having a fantastic week!!!