{*Country Roads*}


Did you have a fun super bowl Sunday?

I sure did! I had the house to myself and I had a little serging party. I got a ton of cores serged and I want to thank everyone who suggested:


Holy smokes. I have been laughing so hard for the past two days. That Tina Fey slays me. Lemon. I love that too.

Thanks for all the great suggestions!!! I don't think I'm going to be tv-less anytime soon!

My friend Lizzie came by last night, we played some wii...actually, she played while I finished up an order, then we had some delish chinese food. It was a nice, low key night. I got up wayyy to early that morning and was sewing by 6 am, so I was yawning quite a bit all evening, haha.

I got up early again today to work. Mr. McPorkchop doesn't have classes on Mondays and today was gorgeous out. I made him promise me early in the morning that at dusk we could go on the owl drive.


We call it the owl drive because for a few weeks in a row we'd go out there to watch owls! Mr. McPorkchop got a great photo of a short eared owl and we had great adventures with barn owls. I'm a big fan of bird watching, in fact, thats how Mr. McPokchop & I met, in a bird class!

The drive, if you are familiar with Northern California, is just down Highway 101 to the exit before Loleta, then we go out to the South Jetty. We take two little side roads and just cruise around this beautiful farm land. It's so unique because it's very hilly, very damp and very oceany. It's gorgeous. Lots of rolling hills, lots of foggy layers.

Tonight? It gave me spring fever. Porkchop knows my body and of course let me have the windows down while he had on the heater, haha. We saw a lot of young calves. The weather was warm-ish, the sun was setting, the air smelled like fresh grass, cows and salt. It was heavenly.


Look at that little face!!!

The neat thing about the beaches here is you can drive on them.


This always amuses me. So we drove around. See the sun setting in the cars paint? Neat!

I took some photos of Mr. McPorkchop.


There he is!!! He's my favorite driver. I frequently tell him that on the road to life, I am the passenger because I hate driving. So I sit next to him, contently spacing out the window and drawing or photographing. We have nice silences together.


In the end, no owls were to be found. But we did enjoy the evening. I'm going to have a very hot chocolate and keep reading...inkheart? inkspell? Lizzie and I talked about them last night and now I can't remember which I'm reading..it's the first one! Haha!!!

So thanks again for all your tv suggestions and letting me hear what you guys were doing for superbowl!

Have a fantastic evening!!!


PS, thanks to everyone who's been finding the FAQ post helpful!!!! I'll add more to it here and there. I've also updated etsy with new pads! I'm loving the japanese fabrics this week :)