Help me pick!


Eek! eek! EEEEEEEK!!! Just when you thought it was all Halloween all the time around here...NOPE! IT'S PINK AGAIN!

I finally finished binding my Bear Paw BFF quilt this week! I'm crazy obsessed with it. I need to take some proper photos of it, I found a random building in Gridley that has a PINK WALL. Unfortunately it's along the highway. And next to a Burger King drive thru. So I need to gather my courage to set up a photo shoot in such a public place. Although, there is a local photographer who I've noticed bringing a large ornate velvet couch to set up along side an abandoned tin building in town for photos, so maybe I wouldn't stick out so much!

This week a little order I placed in April from The Plucky Knitter arrived! I got two skeins of Plucky Feet: Berry Cordial and Brooch. And omg are they HARD to photograph. These photos are sort of close but not quite. Why is bright pink so hard to capture?

Here is Berry Cordial according to other ravelry photos! I'd describe this color as a true hot fuchsia. Very similar to Madelinetosh Pop Rocks but more amped up and with less tonal variation.

I couldn't find any ravelry photos of Brooch but my photo is pretty close. It's like a dusty mauve.

Both are beautiful but I need to pick one so I can finish my Life on Sunday's shawl! My main color is called Grady's Grouse which is a gray/oatmeal-y color that is cozy. I love Plucky's neutrals, they are always so unique.

I think the contrast between BC & GG is so unique and pretty! GG & B is more subtle and sweet. SO TORN!!!

So! Which do you like better? Berry Cordial or Brooch?


ps: thanks Chop for making my two photos squished into one. <3