WIP: Halloween Donut Quilt


Earlier this week I dug out Bee, my featherweight, cleaned off my table and got ready to sew.

Except the tension was off! This is apparently the story of my life lately.

But Chop came to the rescue! Last night he fixed it, this morning I adjusted the bobbin a smidge more and VOILA! Back in sewing action!

I'm working on my Halloween Donut Quilt, I'm using oranges/blacks/grays and one bright green fabric. The background is a really neat Lecien Inkwell fabric, it's like splotches of mold. I know, isn't that a terrible description? It's only mold-y in a Halloween quilt, everything else it's really pretty splotches of ink or watercolor.

This is my second Donut Quilt, if you want to see my first one and find links to the pattern, click here!

I'm crossing my fingers Lindsay can squeeze me in this summer to quilt it for me, she quilted another Halloween quilt for me, SWOON! And she did an amazinggggg job on it. It's so perfect. And that's the quilt that started our friendship! <3<3<3

While I was cleaning off my table, I came across an old Riley Blake Halloween panel that I bought a few years ago on clearance, I sort of want to beg Lindsay to quilt it to some minky, just as a simple whole cloth throw! I need to find minky on sale first, I looooove the Shannon Fabrics stuff best! I've made two throws with it, one for me and one for Chop. Mine is cream minky with AMH voile on top, his is kona crush and camo minky. I think I made them 2-3ish years ago and they wash beautifully, not like some minky which looks like a haggard muppet after a while!

I've barely been knitting lately! My hand has been driving me crazy, I think I over did it last week but I have about 5-6 inches of sweater knit?! My only goal is to just finish clue two of the mystery shawl and let everything else marinate. It's so frustrating because I have some great projects and not being able to work on them is killer! But it's given me a lot of time to read! So that's ok, although I haven't read anything that I've *LOVED* since maybe...February?! I did get Born of Illusion last night, I'm hoping it's awesome!

Also! Ashleigh & I made our 1/2 way goal of Summer Sampler sign ups! With that goal reached, we celebrated by giving back to our local community by joining this Kickstarter Project! It's helping a local farm buy a tractor! How awesome is that? If you live in Northern California (or really anywhere!) you should consider contributing! We all need to eat and I think it's pretty important we support farmers. If you live locally, you may have seen this farm, it's along the highway and they have these gorgeous horses and mules! Each morning I wake up and see if they've gotten further, these kickstarters get you emotionally hooked! You find yourself rooting along and getting really excited! I'm crossing my fingers they make it!

I hope your week is going good so far! :):)