Briar Rose & The New Leaf Obsession

I genuinely feel bad for anyone that crosses paths with me this summer. Chances are, I'm going to talk your ear off about New Leaf. Poor Instagram, all day long I'm like NEW LEAF! NEW LEAF! NEW LEAF! Ask Ashleigh. She made the mistake of asking me if Animal Crossing was like Frogger (fair enough!) and I spent an hour yakking about my town. Poor Smash.

So what's new New Leaf?

The newest in the Animal Crossing series of games! Quite possibly the cutest, most fun video game everrr!

I hemmed and hawed about buying it. I read a million reviews. And I decided as an early birthday to myself, I was getting New Leaf. It didn't hurt that Target had the 3DS XL on sale either. And in pink.

After a hilarious afternoon scouring Yuba City for the game, I bought the very last one at WalMart and I did a little dance in the check out line. That might be weird but you know, it was WalMart, so I didn't stand out. ;);) You can download the game through the 3DS but I wanted the physical game.

You start the game as MAYOR! This is huge! Compared to past games you can customize your town so much more! It's incredible! I'm already on my third house expansion, a gardening center has opened up in my town and I won a Bug Off!

My typical New Leaf day is watering plants, buying clothes, picking fruit, digging up fossils, fishing and visiting the island. YES. THERE IS AN ISLAND! Incredible. Also, I have some new neighbors I've never had before, including a little frog named Croque!

Naturally on day one once I ran out of battery life I decided to make the 3DS a little pouch and I'm so glad I did, I carry it everywhere. Seriously addicted.

I just measured the 3DS and make a quick piece of scrappy patchwork using a beautiful Briar Rose bee from Amanda. Seriously, how sweet is this line of fabric? It's so charming. And it goes perfect with the New Leaf theme. Because you can catch honey bees with your net. Or you can shake trees and get stung. Either way! I think the bee prints and the clover are my favorite for sure. Once yardage is available I think I'm going to buy bee fabric for a dress. Or sleep pants. Or both. Amanda has fat quarter bundles for pre-sale and I'm so tempted to snag one and make a summer-y Sparkling Cider. Because that would be so fun!

I made the little pouch on my featherweight, which was really exciting for me, I don't have a zipper foot and it turned out just fine! woo woo

<3<3<3 Back to my town!!!