FO: Hermoine Everyday Ankle Socks & Shawl Progress

First up!

I finally finished something! It feels like I haven't finished anything in a million years!

I started these socks in February right before my hand started hurting. This yarn is one of the very first sock yarns I ever purchased, it's from Pigeonroof Studios and I *love* Krista's dyeing. I'm pretty sure this colorway is called Blossom but don't quote me on that!

For the Hermoine socks, I cast on for my normal favorite sock pattern, but just added the Hermoine stitch pattern to the top of the foot. I do this with pretty much every pair of socks I make, I just like how they fit, I have the increases and heel memorized and it just works nicely for me.

Normally I knit socks tall-ish. My very favorite feeling in the winter is hand knit socks in Ugg boots. I know, Uggs are hideous but they are so warm and soft. I try to knit my socks 7-9 inches above the last heel stitch so they go above my boots. But these socks were taking me FOREVER. AND EVER. AND EVER. I debated frogging them but I kept seeing my friend Amber's crazy cute short socks (seriously, look through her ravelry & instagram! sooo awesome!) and I thought, I'll try that!

And I *love* it! I've been sleeping with them on + chai scented lotion and it's amazing! Super soft feet AND fun socks.

Why did these take so long? Because somehow I was knitting 10 stitches to the inch on size 1 squares. Holy tiny. Typically I do 8-9 stitches per inch for socks. You'd think the extra stitch or two wouldn't matter but it totally did! So strange! They still fit perfectly!

This is what I've been working on mostly. OMG.

If it wasn't for my instagram friends cheering me on, I would have maybe pretended I never started this and hidden it in a drawer somewhere. Seriously. Every day my friend Michelle tags me in photos of her finished shawl and says "WHERE ARE YOU AT AMANDA!" haha! Motivation for sure! I'm trying so hard not to look at all the finished shawls on ravelry, it makes me feel bad for not keeping up!

The pattern is written perfectly and it's truly amazing watching it grow (this photo shows where I've left off at: the lace panel of clue three) but o m g. I basically have to sit in complete silence to knit this lace. I'm not the most intuitive knitter, you know how sometimes you can read your knitting and just know what comes next? Yeah. Not so much for me. And for some reason this is brutal on my hands. I think I'd be going a lot faster if I didn't have to take so many breaks. Chop brought me home some size 7 Square Needles and they've helped a little bit. Remember, with square needles you have to go up a size, originally I was knitting on size 6 addi turbo lace.

But when I sit with it in my lap and work on it...Oh you guys, I am truly in love. The yarns! The colors! Those stripes! That lace! I know it's going to be something I treasure and wear a ton!

JUST KEEP GOING! That's my motto k? One row at a time!!!!

And then there is this. Saying HEY AMANDA! DON'T YOU WANT TO KNIT ME UP?


I'm dying to make a color affection shawl. Like, it takes all my will power to work on my mystery shawl and not cast on IMMEDIATELY.

I picked colors this week and I seriously can't wait to start.

Main color: Plucky Feet in Bisque

Second color: Dream in Color Smooshy Cashmere in Torchwood

Third color: Pigeonroof Studios...I can't find the ball band! Shame on me! But its sooo soft and very autumn-y.

If I only make two big projects this summer, those two shawls will make me super happy.

And then there is this.

This skein is a BIG DEAL.

Why is it a big deal?

Because it's going to be socks.

FOR PORKCHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine me shouting that at the top of my little lungs because I totally am!

Ever since I learned how to knit socks, I've wanted to knit him a pair. But he's hard on socks, like crazy hard on them. And even though I'm fine with mending them, he's doesn't want to ruin something I make him. He's absurdly cute like that.

Sooooo these are going to be wedding anniversary socks. It's not until October 30th so I have plenty of time and he knows he's getting them but I'm so excited to put all my love for him into a little pair of socks.

The best part? Chop has finally seen all but the last two Harry Potter movies and now makes hilariously dry Harry Potter jokes constantly. This color way from Sunshine Yarns is called...Hogwarts at Night! Perfect for the guy who is the hugest muggle out there! haha!