Welcome to the Frog Pond!

It was 109 degrees yesterday.

I was pretty sure I was melting all day. And I was also all hopped up on mango iced green tea.

All day I sorted. Cleaned. Organized. I love starting a new month with a completely clean slate!

I made piles of quilts that I want to finish and send to Lindsay. I seam ripped three quilts apart. I found a missing piece to a project that I'm going to wrap today hopefully.

And then I went through my knitting.


How did I get so many projects going at once? Crazy! I should know better. I try so hard to knit a whole bunch of things but I'm much happier when I only knit two or three things at once. And if we are being *really* honest with ourselves, I'd be fine if I knit my entire sock stash into plain vanilla socks. I know, I'm boring!

I ended up frogging a pair of socks and a shawl! I liked the socks but wanted to go up a needle size because the fabric felt a little too stiff, plus I want to do a different pattern I think?! And then the shawl. Meh. You guys helped me pick Brooch and I love how it looks but I didn't enjoy knitting it. I sort of feel like since knitting is my favorite hobby, I want to keep it that way and only knit things that bring me 100% joy.

Now I feel SO much better. I'm working on a pair of plain socks, a sweater and my mystery shawl. Way more manageable! And my sweater is on hold for a little while until I can decide what size I should make, so really I only have two projects!


Can I share with you a silly photo? This is Chop & I from Friday night. It was 106 degrees and we were sitting outside in Redding and he was making me laugh about who knows what, this guy is TOO MUCH! So snarky! We saw Old Crow Medicine Show and it was truly one of the best shows I've been to in ages. Their energy was so infectious and their music is incredible. The amount of talent on that stage...wowza! We danced all night and were covered in sweat but smiling like crazy. Sadly my engagement ring broke for the 4th time (o m g) so today we are running to Chico to get it repaired. Oi! I'm thankful I noticed it, I would have been heartbroken if I lost it! <3