Finished in 2013: Winter Woodland Weekender

Happy 4th of July!!!

I've spent this entire heat wave week sewing....because my sewing machine is directly in front of the air conditioner. ;)

This week I:

  • finished two Halloween quilt tops
  • finished three sock sacks
  • finished two rough drafts of new sewing patterns
  • finished a pair of leggings
  • hemmed two pairs of pants
  • added darts to two tank tops
  • anddddd...

Finished this bag! yay!

I don't really have much to say about it that I didn't cover in these two posts already. I will say this version isn't even remotely as neatly sewn as my previous ones. In fact, I'd go as far as saying it's a hot mess. I just struggled with assembling it every step of the way: broken needles, tearing fabric with a seam ripper, puckered spots no matter how many times I seam ripped & fixed them. It was just strange! I double checked all my pieces against the pattern pieces and it should have gone together smoothly!

Either way, I love this bag, even if I don't let anyone look at it up close. ;) I wanted something very zakka, very handmade looking and very winter-y fairytale-ish. Mission accomplished!

I love:

  • the fabrics
  • wool straps!!!!
  • getting the lining for $2.50 a yard (Denyse Schmidt too!)
  • how big & sturdy it is


Lots of room for snacks and projects!

We are going on a little family weekend tomorrow and I'm excited to cram it full of stuff and lug it everywhere with me.