Oh hi Color Affection

I started my Color Affection this morning.

Do you know what that means?

That means I FINISHED MY MYSTERY SHAWL! It's taking all my will power not to drown the internet in photos of it.

Here's one of my favorites:

Those leaves! Please pretend there is a smiley face with heart eyeballs emoji right there k?

We are going to a wedding in Fall River Mills this weekend and I'm hoping it's chilly enough in the evening that I can wear it and have Chop take some photos of it.

I'm so glad I kept going even when I thought I hated it. It's so big- 63 inches long and 23 inches deep and COZY.

I want this shawl pin so bad. I asked Chop for it as a birthday gift, it's soooo pretty and I think it would look awesome on this! Hint hint nudge nudge Chopster! <3

Now I want to make a million giant shawls...but...I just bought a pair of shoes. First pair I've bought in seriously 2-3 years! I got these after seeing Diana's super cute post about her pink ones, mine are a different style because naturally I wanted Halloweenie ones. I bought them yesterday morning at 9:30am and it shows them already out for delivery today! Way to go Zappos! High5! Cross your fingers they fit.

BUT ANYWAYS. New shoes and I kind of want to make a bunch of pairs of ankle socks to wear with them! Preferably in this Robot Overlord yarn. Or Bertie Botts. Either way, I want new short socks and a new shawl k?

Anddddd I just sent two quilts to Lindsay and bought fabric for one more.


I need Hermoine's Time Turner so I can do it all! ;)

ok, just one more photo for good measure. ;)