Oak Leaf Mitts

These might be my new favorites.

I forgot how much I liked them until I pulled them out this evening to take some photographs!

The pattern is called Oak Grove and it's such a sweet little knit.

I think if I were to knit it again I'd make them a little smaller, they are a bit big in the wrist, nothing extreme though.

The yarn! Oh Plucky! Why are you so good?! Seriously this yarn glows and shines. Such beautiful depth in her solids. It's the perfect roasted pumpkin color, I bought it during one of her insane etsy updates, the color is called Latte Time!


I'm sure my knitting could have been neater on these but you know, recovering from surgery + pain pills = slightly wonky knitting. I know for sure that YO 7 at the base of the leaf could have been neater but it's ok. My main goal was to keep my hands busy AND knit something cozy for fall AND just relax while enjoying the process.

I have this coat, I'm trying to figure out a way to maybe crochet a little chain so I can tie the mitts together and then maybe sew a little loop in the pockets to hook them onto? I'm afraid I'm going to lose one! Last fall I knit Squirrel Mittens, they've only been out of the house twice. I only wear them when I need something in the very bottom of our deep freezer, lol! Isn't that terrible? In my defense it's never really cold enough to wear full mittens here but fingerless gloves, YES! Especially out hunting.

Thank you for helping me find the cat in my previous blog post, wowzas! If you want to see some incredible eye candy, be sure to check out Fox in the Pine. Absolutely dreamy.


PS: I get all gooey hearted when I see one of our patterns being stitched up by a blogger I admire. I don't like to seem too self promotional on my blog but it's so nice to see this!!!! I've been slowly catching up on  blogs and this made a grouchy day so much sweeter! I totally had a case of the Monday's today (I practically incinerated an eggplant!) I'm craving a giant Mexican hot cocoa and a good book!  Good night!<3