Worsted Weight Socks

This weekend I finished my Worsted Weight Socks and omg. I'm already wanting to cast on a second pair. Seriously. These are so squishy and fun and cozy and amazing to knit up. You can find my ravelry notes here and I was inspired by Susan's blog post & Virgina's instagram photo.

While digging through my yarn basket this weekend I came across another skein of worsted weight yarn that Rose (Cakewalk Yarns on Etsy) dyed for me last winter. I'd planned on some sort of hat but now...SOCKS! It was funny, I flipped the yarn over and it's also a skein of Sudden Valley! That's what I absolutely *adore* about hand dyed yarn, the same colorway can be completely different. My socks have sort of a purple.gray base but my skein is more white! Her shop is closed but I'm crossing my fingers she'll go back to dyeing because her skeins are totally amazing.

I got my Dyak Craft Heavy Metal Needles last week, I'm so excited to cast on. The cord is so long and the join is dreamy feeling. I can't decide if I'll knit a pair of socks for Chop or if I'll cast on with a new skein of Numma Numma that's supposed to arrive today. Chop decided he wanted to enter a salsa contest at work...but he doesn't even cook! LOL! So I made a giant jar of salsa, sadly we didn't win but I think he felt bad so I "won" a skein of yarn & a little bottle of a new Soak Wash scent! haha! BEST! He's the most amazing guy.

Yesterday we went to Target and omg. Holy Halloween. It's amazing. It's not quite as good as the year they had Domo as the official mascot, but that year was epic and hard to beat. I wanted to buy the Pumpkin Spice & white chocolate candy corn M&Ms so bad but I decided on candy corn flavored coffee instead and WOWOWOWOWOW. My house this morning smells like a candy factory in the very best way ever.

I also made use of some JoAnn's coupons which is always fun. I have a few sewing goals this month:

  • Esme top in flannel! I found a really pretty flannel there that is quite soft. I've already made an Esme dress and a top but they are too big now. I think I'm going to make a muslin of the size 14 and go from there! I just think a cozy flannel blouse with wooden buttons would be amazing this fall.
  • I'd love to finish my little four block single girl quilt. I can't for the life of me find my copy of the pattern though. So this week I either need to find the pattern or get a new one. I found my quilt progress and fell back in love with it. Plus I'd love to quilt some circles. And be cozy hand sewing the binding on in the evenings.
  • I want to make a Noodlehead Super Tote for knitting SO BAD. Ashleigh & I are obsessed with Teagan White,  like crazy fierce, so we are splitting a yard of a few of her new fabrics. I'm pretty sure the fabric I got for the lining won't match (Juliana Horner flowers!) but I'm not sure I care, I just like it! a LOT! This bag is so neat! The side pleats and elastic pockets are such pretty details.
  • I'm going on a quilting retreat the end of this month and I couldn't for the life of me decide what to bring to work on...then I saw this pattern: Suburbs! So I'm going to make a Halloween Suburb quilt. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't. While at JoAnn's I saw all their fox themed Thanksgiving/Fall fabric and I almost died. I need a Thanksgiving quilt at some point in my life.