This project is quite possibly the most photogenic and addictive knit ever.

It's called Brickless by Martina Behm and I'm pretty smitten. It's keeping me company on Friday nights when I watch Haven. (Duke, you are so wonderful in your mustache. Nathan, scruff= best, I really wish someone would just kill Jordan. please! least favorite character ever! Audrey's nose ring is so silly sweet) I'm a really, really, really slow knitter so this is three weeks worth of progress. I'm using size 6 hiya sharps and I have to say...I love them. They are quite light and pointy which I'm pretty keen on. I've been getting a little tiny bit better at knitting Continental style, I struggle with k2tog for some reason, I'm not sure why but this pattern is full of them so it's good practice, just don't look too close at my uneven tension. ;)

Soooo YOWZA right? Can we talk about this yarn? Holy.smokes.

I knew 560 yards was a lot of yarn but I think because I'm so used to sock yarn that I didn't really think twice about how BIG of a skein it was. Well, it turns out in light worsted weight it's a HUGE SKEIN. And I flipping LOVE IT! I hugged it! Literally! I wanted to be it's BFF. It's HUGGABLE SIZE. I wish I'd taken a photo of it before I wound it because it's awesome!!!!

It's incredibly soft too. And squishy! This colorway is called Berlin, how on earth do they dye this yarn without it becoming a disaster? I have no clue but I am so into it. Look how many colors are in it, so neat right?

I like to pretend that at some point I'm going to knit a sweater but this yarn has me sort of thinking that a plain pullover would be amazing. Last Friday I sort of went "hmm, should I frog this and buy a second skein and knit a very loud sweater for myself instead?" I'm just not sure if it would be a little bit much. Plus, I'm sort of enjoying this shawl. But now that I'm looking at that sweater I think it might be fun.

Please file this blog post under: most indecisive girl ever x a million. ;)