Halloween Spooky Sampler: Finished!








The final club email of Halloween Spooky Sampler went out last week and I'm so freaking obsessed with this pattern. Seriously. It is just so dang cute! Ashleigh totally did a great job on this chart.

My favorite parts:

  • skull lace border
  • mouse with cheese
  • the witches little face!

I was working on emails yesterday and listening to the knitgirllls after you guys suggested their podcast, they were talking about their CAL AND THEY FREAKING MENTIONED SPOOKY SAMPLER! I almost fell off my chair! I have no idea how they knew we even existed because we are small, Ashleigh just now is to the gusset on her first sock and I just knit little things, I'm barely active on ravelry! IT WAS SO COOL. SO! If you want to join their CAL, you can make this pattern too! I totally want to join in, I'm not quite sure what I'd make but the board seems *really* friendly!

Speaking of FRIENDLY!

People have been asking us for ages for a FACEBOOK GROUP! I am the absolute least facebook savvy person ever, I couldn't figure out why people wanted a group when we have a page, but then I realized I'm part of a group already! A private book club!

So I'm gathering it's more like a place where it's less formal and you can chat a ton. So we now have a group and we'd love it if you wanted to stitch-a-long with us. All our patterns are sold year round, lots of times people assume that once the club is over, the pattern is done but NOPE! You can stitch any of our patterns whenever you want! It's also good for people who don't want to commit to a mystery, now you can see what the final chart is like!

Can I share with you guys a few finished projects that people sent in???

madewithover (2)

madewithover (3) madewithover (9)

madewithover (8)

madewithover (7)

madewithover (6)

madewithover (5)

madewithover (4)

madewithover (3)


EEP! And I know that at least 2 of these folks...it's their FIRST CROSS STITCH PROJECT. Um yeah! So cool right?

Anyways, if you are looking for a fun Halloween project, this is so it! And if you are working on one of our patterns or want to learn and want to come chat with other cross stitchers, join our group! I'm going to do another blog post about Autumn Sampler and share sneak peeks of our new winter patterns soon!