{*Snooozzze Button!*}

I'm beat guys. Totally beat.

Since Monday night I've been sewing pads non stop. Make some pads. Serge some cores. Rinse! Repeat! lol! And I feel like I haven't even made a dent in my orders + stock for the shop! I've gotten a metric ton of emails asking about pads and I seriously feel like the luckiest girl on EARTH. If you haven't yet, please enter my giveaway!

I'll be updating the shop tomorrow around 3 pm PST. I'm not sure how much stuff I'll have but hopefully it'll make some of you verrryyy happy!

Today I got up early, worked on some pads then drove to Starbucks. I had the worst iced coffee of my life, lol. Then I went to quilting. At first I'd packed my quilting bag with pads and orders and shop stuff, then I realized it was silly to work on work during a class that I pay money for! Haha!!! So instead I made a coin quilt!

I looooveee Neptune by Tula Pink. It's a gorgeous colored fabric collection. All my favorite colors! I had a jelly roll that I got for a steal on eBay and I just sewed it into strips. Then Liz helped me decide how big and we went from there. I do have some fabrics that next to each other in the same colors, ooops, but I'm not sure I care! It's sashed in a super pretty linen!

It took my mind off work for a little while. Now I'm going to shower, then go to a WW meeting, then come back home to work!

If you've sent me an email since Monday, I'm trying so so so hard to answer them in the order I'm receiving them. I also have SEVEN trade packages that are ready to go but I haven't gone to the Post Office yet, Mr. McPorkchop texted me that he'd give me a ride and help me with the packages on Saturday. And we will drive to a quilt shop together so I can buy some yardage and binding for this coin quilt! yayyyy!!!!

I don't whats up with me, if I'm overwhelmed or nervous or what but for some reason I'm feeling extremely disorganized and confused lately. Scatter brained if you like that term! Sheesh! The odd thing is, I'm *extremely* organized, I have perfectly organized lists and things are getting accomplished but it just feels slow and sluggish! I'm not in a bad mood or anything, I just feel weird. It might be because it's my first week of many home alone? Or I'm just now finally getting over being sick? Either way I don't like it! I want to be making pads and quilts nonstop and having fun!!!!!

Ok, enough oddness, lol!

Want to see something gorgeous? My friend Christin, who is so supportive of me, such an inspiration, she just got into pharmacy school, she just got a blog! Wait til you see the quilt she made! Visit and bookmark her here! I adore her and I think you will too!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I can't believe its Thursday already! Mr. McPorkchop will be home late tomorrow and I'm so excited to see him!