The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery: New Christmas Patterns!







I'm ridiculously excited to share this with you today!

We've been working on these new patterns and they are finally available for pre-sale starting today! EEK! Plus: PROMO CODE! Double EEK!

We started in June with four winter/Christmas patterns and these are the two we picked! They are quite possibly the cutest ever.

It was *hard* picking the patterns but we loved hearing your responses on Halloween Sampler, it was a really different style for us and the direction we wanted to go in. Everyone loved the border, it's a little tricky to stitch but the sense of accomplishment when you finish is *so* worth it. 12 Days of Christmas had that border and I'm not going to lie, it's REALLY fun to stitch once you get going.

We knew we wanted to go with Weeks Dye Works again and we listened to your feedback, more variegation in the colors! The colors we picked for these two projects. OMG. So amazing, especially the Gingerbread House body, you can see in the photos how much the color changes through out and it's beautiful! The same with 12 Days of Christmas's frame, when we picked a solid for it for people who might not want to use the Weeks, it was so hard to choose because the frame changes from browns to grays and to greens. Truly stunning. My very favorite though is the richness in the red of the numbers, it's a little trick to photograph (red always is for me!) but it's very deep!

One thing we really suggest is clicking on the above Weeks Dye Works link and see if there is a needlework shop in your area, you might be surprised! We really try hard to support smaller businesses and we know that's not always possible, if you can't find Weeks locally, try

What we heard the most was "the hand dyed fabric is incredible! can we use it again?!" YES! YES! YES! We are so excited that you guys liked using it. Picture This Plus fabrics, all 100+ colors are dyed by one incredible woman. Yes. You read that correctly. Her name is Marilyn and she's just great. So when you buy hand dyed fabric, you are supporting a really neat indie company, which I'm a big fan of. We got to talk to her and she helped us pick the color for the projects, we are using the same color for both charts and it's dyed on a glitter linen. Yup! Linen with metallic thread woven into it! If glitter doesn't say Christmas, idk what does! ;)

And of course! FLOSS BUNDLES!!! The workroom is carrying Cosmo bundles for each project, so you'll be stitching it up in all beautiful, silky solids. They are dreamy.

Here are some little details of each mystery project:

12 Days of Christmas:

  • This is based on the song, The 12 Days of Christmas!
  • My favorite version is The Muppets & John Denver.
  • Lace border featuring: mittens! snowflakes! music notes! trees!
  • Each square will be a scene from the song, sneak peek shows 8! 8 Maids are Milking! It was so hard to pick which day to share but I love that little cow!
  • There is stitching to start once your supplies arrive like our other patterns have been, the lace border and the inner green border. This projects squares doesn't start being filled in until November 29th.
  • More traditional, rich jewel toned colors.

Christmas on Gingerbread Lane:

  • This is a neighborhood made up of gingerbread houses, roof top adventures, snow ball fights and shenanigans.
  • Lots of small details: gum drop roofs, snowmen in scarves and little ice skaters.
  • The bottom of the chart features a cute scalloped frame with the numbers 1-25, counting down to Christmas!
  • This pattern has NO stitching before it's release date of November 15th!
  • Bright colors, lots of pinks, teals and pops of red.

If you sign up for both patterns, in a single purchase between now and 10/21 at midnight PST, you can use promo code SNOWMAN for $2 off! Woo woo!


I hope you'll join us, I had so much fun stitching up the 12 Days project last week, I'm still unsure if I'll frame it or make it into a pillow. Ashleigh's finished the Gingerbread pattern and I think she's making a pillow, we found some cute Christmas fabric last week!


(ps: I'm not allowing comments on this post ONLY because if someone has a question, we can answer fastest via email: thefrostedpumpkinstitchery at gmail dot com)