Yarntini Halloween Mini Skeins







It's Monday.

Did you have a nice weekend? I hope so!

I bound a quilt that Lindsay quilted for me with freaking OWLS on it.

I went through my Halloween fabric stash, cut 6.5 inch squares and sewed them into rows. I backed it with some dimple minky and it is sooooo soft. She used wool batting and some super pretty shiny purple thread. I washed it with some Soak Wash yesterday and it's cozy to the max. I sat under it for about 45 minutes yesterday playing New Leaf. Unfortunately it's also 80 degrees here so that sort of puts a damper on using it during Halloween but you know by now that I do Halloween pretty much year round. ;)

With the release of our two new Christmas patterns (tonight is the last night for promo code SNOWMAN) I've had very little knitting time but I'm daydreaming of a new project and I think I found the perfect combo!

This summer Jessie, from Yarntini asked me if I'd create a blogger bundle for her. Um. What! YES! OF COURSE!

Naturally I picked Halloween colors: orange zest, charcoal, smoky, purple haze and key lime. The base is her top shelf sock and it's sooooo soft and squishy! It's made from 80% merino, 10% cashmere & 10% nylon.

At first I thought STRIPED SOCKS but this yarn is soooo nice against skin. I sometimes just smoosh it against my face because it's so soft so I think I'm going to make a cowl. I've never had mini skeins before and I realllllly like them! It's so cool to get a little bundle of yarn in a bunch of different colors.

I *love* color work and I think I'm going to try Chevron Stripes by Jill Zielinski. It doesn't look too crazy hard and I can practice knitting with the yarn held in each hand. Plus Halloween chevrons?! Awesome! I've only done three colorwork projects so far, a pair of socks, a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of mittens. I'm looking forward trying it again.

Next week is our wedding anniversary (yay! go team porkchop!) and this weekend we are going on a little adventure to celebrate. I'm going to bring this yarn & pattern with me and hopefully cast on. I know, I know, I have a million projects on the needles right now but I think I'm going to frog Brickless, I love the yarn but knitting it has become tedious.

I'm also SO excited, Ashleigh & I booked a class next week for learning intermediate cross stitching with an heirloom stitcher! While we both stitch a ton, we tend to use other peoples projects for our pattern covers because neither one of us loves our level of neatness, so we are going to learn how to get better! I can tell Ashleigh has gotten super neat compared to when we first started but somehow I've gotten worse! How does that even happen? Ha! So it's going to be a pumpkin road trip, I'll be sure to bring my camera and blog about it!

Remember, tonight at midnight the promo code expires for $2 off your Christmas sign ups!

I hope you have a good day, I'm going to be cross stitching a new project all week and tomorrow we have a business meeting. woo woo!!!!