{*Saturday Means Being PREPARED!*}


(Of course Mr. McPorkchop bought me the bigger deer, now I have a small starbucks deer herd in my house, it brings me endless pleasure)

Good Afternoon!!!!

First, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who's purchased pads this week!!! All orders have been shipped out and I've already been getting thank you's from people who have already received their orders! YAY POSTAL SERVICE!!!!

But seriously, thank you so much again. And again! AND AGAIN!

Lately I've had a thing for themes. I love themes.

All week long I worked on pink & red pads for the shop, it was a lot of fun.

This week?

Japanese fabrics.

I went through my fabric stash this morning and came up with this tower of fabric!


That's what my week is going to look like and I simply can't WAIT to dive in! I'm spending tomorrow serging cores and working on custom orders, then Monday...the fun shall begin!

This is only about half of my Japanese fabric collection. These are the ones that really really really inspire me and I'm *dying* to use! I didn't realize I had quite this many. The pile of fabric is around 2 feet tall! That's intense!!!!

Realistically, I won't be able to sew with every single one, but I'm sure going to try my darn-dest! I think I just made that word up.

Mr. McPorkchop is going to a super bowl party tomorrow, I'm veryyy content to stay home and work! I'm also going to shellac some wood panels if the weather cooperates for some paintings. I have a whole bunch of painting ideas that I'm just dying to get out of me!

Does anyone have any tv show suggestions for me? I've heard 30 Rock is good? I currently watch bones, fringe, csi, ncis, you know, all the crime shows!!! I need something not mopey or will make me cry and something available online!!!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday!!!