{*~Happy Friday~*}


Who knew that it was FRIDAY already?!?

Seriously! FRIDAY! Where has this week even GONE?

All I know is:

I have 35 etsy convos right now. All brand new. All within the past 48 hours. I love love LOVE them, they range from HILARIOUS to SWEET to CURIOUS and EVERYTHING in between. I love love LOVE nice messages, all the messages are nice, of course, but some of them are sweet as pie. With whipped cream. Thank you thank you THANK YOU ALL. I'm giving you hugs. Big Hugs. YES YOU!

ESPECIALLY YOU AMANDA! Check out this super beautiful post!

 I have a feeling that I'm getting up at 5 am to start replying to messages. I'm so behind on things, I'm pretty sure every.single.post. mentions how behind I am. It's a true story! It also makes me sound wayyyy cooler than I really am. Clearly, I'm not that cool, I'm falling asleep at 8:30 on a Friday night! That's like grandma status! Truth is, I'm just slow at the email.

ANYWAYS! I was up at 7 am this morning, packaging orders and...

you may have noticed this...

I'M PUBLISHING COMMENTS!!! YAYYYYYY!!!! Slowly but surely!!! And I learned that I can even BLOCK IP ADDRESSES!!! YAY!!!! So mean and spam messages don't just get ignored or deleted, they get...BANNEDDDDDD!!! YEEHAW! It's like being my own little axe weilding guard...comment YES! comment NO! Or even a soup nazi! NO COMMENT FOR YOU!!!!

Anyways, it's been pretty quiet around here. I've been going to bed pathetically early each night, curling up against Mr. McPorkchop, watching tv on hulu or netflix, just being WARM., but now I get up so so so early. Usually Mr. McPorkchop has turned on the heat and grabbed me some water, sometimes he scolds me "DONT FORGET TO TAKE YOUR INHALER". Then I say "DONT FORGET YOUR LUNCH". Then we laugh. He kisses my head. I pretend to read google reader. Then..I'M UP! AND READY FOR THE DAY!

I love getting up early lately, but its so weird, my neighborhood is very, very, very quiet.

Until I run across the lawn bare foot to put packages in the box.

And the frost hits my bare feet.

And I scream like a little girl.



What are you doing this weekend?

I'm planning on sewing all day tomorrow, Mr.McPorkchop & I have designed a little bag pattern together. He has an early morning ornithology lab, this morning HE TOOK BLOOD FROM A CANADA GOOSE! Boy oh BOY, I wish I was there to witness that.

Ok, I'm going to finish taking hilarious photos of myself on photobooth and emailing them to Porkchop.

Tell me all about your weekend k?

Have a fantastic Friday night!


ps. duh. I forgot. I stocked etsy with brand new liners this evening! The fabrics are *amazing*