Is it really only Wednesday? How is that even possible? It should be Friday! Or even Sunday! Stick a fork in me folks because I'm *done*!!!

I added some very cute new pads to the shop today! I've been updating the shop with my all time favorite pink and red fabrics! It's making me feel all festive and cheery inside! Check them out because they are cute cute cute!!!

Can we talk about something? It's a secret that I think I'm willing to share right now.

I *love* food.

I'm chubby to prove it. I have a sink full of dishes 24/7 to prove it. I have a fancy ecofriendly nonstick pan even! I'm on a certain famous weight loss plan right now to make healthier choices, that's how much I love food!

I'm constantly reading food blogs, scribbling down recipes, being that one jerk who steals pages out of magazines in drs offices, that is me. I love food.

My mom is a chef, works in an amazing indie cooking supply store and teaches cooking classes. I never knew fast food as a kid. Pam would never, ever bake from a box. I'm pretty sure thats against the religion of Pam.

My grandparents were big on cooking. Papa & Noonie even had seperate kitchens. That's how I got my love of food! It's a genetic thing.

The weather in Eureka lately has been weird, it's usually mid-30s when I wake up, it stays that way, over cast and foggy until 2, when suddenly, the sun is in full force, then around 4 pm, cold again. And dark. Very, very dark!

I'm going some where with this, I promise.

I need something very, very warm in the morning. I'm not into heavy because it'll make me sleep, but I also don't want to spend my morning walking to the kitchen 8 times either. And forget about cooking a full breakfast for myself. That's just crazy talk! Quick! Easy! Filling! CHECK & CHECK!

Enter my two favorite things:

Baked egg & veggie dishes. I make them on Monday and they last until Saturday. Eggs, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms...whatever is in my fridge, goes in the dish. With cheese. Lots of cheese.

Grains. I love grains, but sometimes they make me feel all big and tired. Too many carbs or so they tell me.

UNTIL NOW. (see, I told you this was going somewhere!)


Grandma's Grain Recipe from 101cookbooks.com

Seriously, this recipe is made of win. I made a giant pot of it today and I can tell its going to be a staple. I ate one cup of it, added a splash of almond vanilla milk, a dash of Saigon cinnamon and a pinch of sugar in the raw. Oh! And a bit of kosher salt.

Five hours later I was finally reaching for a snack. That's pretty great considering I worked out for 45 minutes, ran around packaging orders, etc. Awesome!

I used: millet, groats, oats, barley, quinoa, flax seeds, red rice (Lundberg Christmas Blend! Awesome!), brown rice. The best thing about this recipe is you really can use whatever grains you have on hand and I think it would be awesome for cleaning out your odds and ends of grains!

I have enough left over for breakfast in the morning, for jazzing up dinner tomorrow night and maybe some other stuff too! I'd love to try it baked with parm cheese and veggies! OM! NOM! NOM!

Want to see something insanely cool? You guys know my BFF Sarah? Well, she's amazing and you should know her! She's my Maine friend, we both are New England transplants living in the Pacific Northwest, we jabber about that constantly.


She's now introduced palcraft! How awesome is that! Downloadable pdfs that you can digital scrapbook with, print, all sorts of awesome stuff!!!! Have you seen her blog? It's also amazing! Check them out!!!

Now if only Christin would tell me her blog address...;)

I hope everyone has a very awesome and hopefully warm Wednesday night!!!