{*Tuesday Sunny Tuesdayyy*}


Well Hello There!!!

This is the first time all day that I've actually sat down! Phew!!! It feels *great* to work and get things accomplished!

I've discovered that the best way to combat the sleepies is to be active. Very. Very. Active. I did a lot of wii fit today, but I also watched good stuff on hulu while I worked. It's weird but time flies and stuff seems to just get DONE while I'm sewing and watching tv! Go figure!

I have a very, very, very, full inbox. I still can't figure out why the comments aren't publishing, but dont worry, I'm getting and  reading all of them. I'm going to try and reply back to everyone tomorrow morning, thank you thank you THANK YOU for all your comments, emails, etsy convos and just general NICENESS! It totally makes my day to know that I have such amazing friends out there, encouraging me and egging me on! Without your encouragment I'm pretty sure I'd be poking my eyes out or something by now! True Story!!!

I ended up going to bed at...8 pm last night. I curled up under at least 5 blankets with Inkheart I have to admit that I really, really am enjoying it! I'm a reader. A trashy reader. A kids book reader. A silly crime novel reader. If its a book thats part of a series, I'm also SO there! Mr. McPorkchop & I were walking through Target's book section yesterday so I could find *something* new to read and I realized, I love smut. True story. Nora Roberts? Love her. The Stephanie Plum series? LOVE IT! I like simple books with likeable characters. Don't get me wrong, I've read all the classics, I read the "heavy" hitters as well, but given a choice? I pick fun! If you'd like, you can add me on goodreads!

Anyways, I spent the day hard at work, I got a lot of sewing done, working on a trade, added a few new things to the shop! I started working on a valentine, I'm hoping to print them tomorrow! I just feel good today!

Maybe its because Mr. McPorkchop suprised me last night with...DAFFIDOLS! Seriously everyone, they are my all time favorite flower! Who doesn't love them with their cheery little trumpets and bright crowns?!

Last nights turkey burgers...oh gosh...EPIC FAIL! I'm one of those people who, if I could do it, I'd be a vegetarian, however, my body says "we need lots and lots of protein, we crave red meat! we love a good porkchop (couldn't resist)", plus I'm allergic to all raw fruits and veggies, but seriously, the smell of cooking turkey burgers...it was HORRID. HORRID. I imagine its similar to wet dog food. Yup. I just went there. The thing is, I love turkey burgers, I order an awesome one when Mr. McPorkchop & I go on Brewery Dates! However...cooking them at home was a really, reallllly bad experience!

Tonight we are trying something, Ranch Chicken! We bought some turkey bacon and tillamook  reduced fat cheddar! I'm excited to try these. Everything she posts is so delish sounding!

Okok! Off to cook!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic night!!! Thanks again for all your amazing comments and emails!!!