{*Tiny Things*}


This weekend was filled with relaxing, traveling and sleeping.

I've started a new medicine that is so fantastic but it makes me very, very, very sleepy. I could sleep for 15 hours straight if left alone! It's hard for me because I'm a ball of crazy energy normally!!!! I start to drift off while sewing! I drifted off while cooking today and accidentally left the oven on...thankfully it was empty, but boy am I out of it!

This weekend I worked on some small projects, the kind that leave you satisfied but not drained. I started working on the wonkiest quilt ever, I made some Valentines Day garland out of paper and ric-rac! I worked on some embroideries. I bought a new book. I made a bookmark for the new book. I've journal-ed daily. I worked on some sketches for some paintings.


(You know I'm doing a starbucks cup next right?)

I've been working on little embroideries! I freaking love little tiny stitches. I got this small little clover embroidery hoop before Christmas, I'm going to start getting more of them, the 40% off coupon at JoAnns makes them really affordable and I love how nice and taunt they hold the fabric. I've started embroidering on kona cotton solids. I really, really, really like how it feels and its so crisp! I have my eye on a few japanese craft books that have some insanely cute patterns in them...but..I'm on a dumb budget >:(

This weekend we took a road trip with our BFF Aric. Grocery prices have gone through the roof here in Eureka, things are a lot more expensive here than most places (gas is about .30 more than the valley), but its gotten out of control lately. So we piled into Mr. McPorkchops fancy new vehicle and went to...OREGON! More specifically, Fred Meyer in Brookings! I spent the night before we left printing out coupons online and searching for the best deals, making grocery lists, planning dinners, etc. It ended up being a blast! We got *so* much stuff, their natural food section isn't bad at all, so I stocked up on some of our favorites. We are really lucky here to have natural food stores, co-ops, indie groceries, but it gets to the point where simple things turns into insanely expensive things and it all adds up! For example, I love Muir Glen stuff! I can use their jarred pasta sauces on lazy nights because they are allergen free for me, but the co-op will charge $6.99 a jar. That.is.insane. So Fred was $4.99, plus 25% off, plus I had a coupon for $1.00 off! Score! AND! No sales tax! Believe it or not, even WITH gas, we still saved money. 

We went by the docks in Crescent City and watched the seals and sea lions. I love those guys! They totally crack me up. One neat thing was it seemed like people were very, very, very, laid back and nice in Brookings. Perfect example would be today, we needed eggs because most mondays I make a big egg frittatta for the week. So we are walking around Safeway and people were "in my bubble", bumping into me, being rude, etc, but we were in Fred Meyer, on a Saturday afternoon, the place was crowded but everyone was really, really, really polite. Maybe it's just a California thing!

OH! Before I forget, is anyone a Bones fan?! I freaking LOVE that show! As far as tv goes, we don't own one, but we watch online, right now I'm obsessed with:

Burn Notice

Ok! I'm off to make turkey burgers!

I'm leaving you with this photo of my favorite oatmeal/tea mug that Ashleigh MADE ME!!! For Christmas!!! LOOK! He's HOLDING STARBUCKS MUGS!!!


Have a great monday!