{*Grumpy Town*}


To quote my dear friend Jody last night:

"Oh won't you take meeee to grumpyyy townnnn"!
(Sung to the tune of funky town)

I, my dear readers, am in a FUNK!

This happens. I get jazzed, I get inspired and I put unreal expectations on myself and then become let down. I pinkie swore to myself that I'd try to avoid that this year, but alas...no luck!

Last night should have been perfect. Mr. McPorkchop had a night class, so we ate an early dinner of split pea soup, he put my favorite radio station on for me and left me the house to myself, I had an amazing pine candle burning, my still alive Christmas tree was twinkling, it was lightly raining but the house was cozy. Wool socks were on my feet. New saucy yellow leopard print pants from J.Crew (purchased with my new BFF Christin!) were on my body, I had on my favorite long sleeved teeshirt...I was *ready* to get down to some serious sewing. Serious. Hardcore even!!!

I had pad fabric all laid out, cores serged and ready to go, new bobbins, new thread to try, everything was cozy, relaxing and perfect.

Proceed to an hour of me fuming, cussing, grumping around and generally me being a huge cranky pants.

My sewing machine is a jerk. Plain and simple. So I gave up on pad plans and tried working on a Valentines Day Project. 3 hours later I was almost in tears.

I ended up putting it away for the night with plans of getting up early this morning and working.

Enter me waking up at 7 and starting to work. My machine decided it would be a great idea to eat a gorgeous piece of Echino fabric, it literally took me 15 minutes to pry the fabric out of the feed dogs. The fabric is in pieces and thread is everywhere!

At this point I can't help but be amused. It's like the sewing gods knew I was jazzed and prepared and they were like "nahuh girl! you are *not* sewing today!" I get these ideas that I'm going to suddenly turn into a one girl sewing factory and sometimes its just not meant to be! I won't let myself rest, relax or move on until goals are ACHIEVED!!!!!!

But...this is BAD!!! In fact, google has given me quite the horoscope today!

LEO: You are ready to do something you might later regret, so give it another round of consideration before following an impulsive whim. Fortunately, there is room for pleasure without approaching the situation from an all-or-nothing perspective. Exercising a little caution might be enough to enable you to have your fair share of fun. You don't have to jump into the deep end without a life jacket.

See. Even google knows my body! I was ready to say SCREW IT! I'M GOING BACK TO BED OR MURDERING SOMEONE!!! But instead, I'm going to box on wii fit, shower, reply back to emails, then maybe try sewing again. Then update Etsy with what I have. It's going to be a small update, but it doesn't have to be all or nothing, lol!!!

The long and the short of this whole post is, sometimes things aren't meant to work out, but eventually they will, but there needs to come a time when you walk away and do something else that makes you happy, other wise you'll strangle someone. It's hard to do this when its your income at stake, but for personal sanity, I think its normal to give yourself the permission to walk away and give it a go another day!

Today I'm going to try some non-sewing projects, work on some paintings for the boutique that shows my art, journal more, maybe bake, just take it one day at a time.

......Without throwing my sewing machine out the window....

Have a fantastic day!!! xoxo