Thanks everyone for your kind words and emails yesterday!

I ended up taking it easy around the house yesterday, did some grocery shopping, went to the bank. All was ok. I got home and it's like around 1-4 I just feel reallllly sleepy. I'm not to sure why! I think from now on I'm going to get up really early, work. Then take a rest/slumber from 1-4, then from 5- midnight work! I was so alert and busy last night..until I forgot something in the car and slammed my hand in the door, lol. ouch. But I got to use my cute Hello Kitty icepack, so thats...cool...right? lol.

I went to Monday night quilting last night and started a little something. I got it all cut out and I've started chaining and piecing. It's inspired by autumn, birch trees and Denyse Schmidt! I'm hoping that on Thursday I'll have something to show you! The above photo is my growing bigger and bigger collection of 9 patches! I'm up to 68! YESSS!

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out issue #3 of parasol magazine, its so inspiring and fantastic! I also have a cute little ad in there as well! It's fully clickable, which is so so so rad! Thanks for all your hard work Yasmine!

I'm going to get up here in a bit and organize my packages to be shipped, I'm having the mail man come and pick them up! YAY!!!!!

Ok! Now is the moment you might have been waiting for! Results from the giveaway!!! I've used the random number interger to give me three numbers and they are:

#10- Larissa!

#73- Ari!

#137 - Corrine!

Please email me your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices ladies and hopefully you'll get the pad of your desire!!!!

Have a fantastic afternoon everyone! Oh and my newest obsession thanks to Eva is tumblr! This is me!

OH! And if you have any favorit baked goods that contain raspberries, let me know! I bought two package of them yesterday, buy one get one free! yay!!! Now I'm dying to bake :)