So yesterday didn't go as planned! Isn't that how it usually is?! You set things up, ready to go and suddenly..BAM! A wrench gets thrown in your plans! It was one of those days where everything went wrong and you just have to laugh about it!!! Several packages I'd mailed got returned to me. I tried to reprint postage and that failed, lol. I made wayyyy too many trips to Staples! I gave up and went to the post office. I thought the people behind me in line were going to strangle me! I spent over $60 on postage! Eeep!!! One of my packages was able to go into a different box, so I repackaged it and now it won't arrive as cutely wrapped, which I feel bad about!

I stayed up all night working and reading. I finished another order and only have two more left! Woot!

I've becoming reobsessed with Twilight, thanks to Eva and tumblr! And the New Moon trailer hasn't hurt either! I made myself a super cute bookmark last night, I've gotten a few emails from people wanting bookmarks, I'll gladly sell them or trade :)! woot! I don't have a ton of far far away but I do have other fabrics and lots and lots of linen, just shoot me an email!!! I was up until 4 am reading! So so so much fun! I think to myself, wow, Edward and Bella, such cute love. Edward is so moody and overprotective, thats so sweet. And then I think about Mr. McPorkchop. Strangely enough, he gets the same moodiness when he hasn't eaten and he's extremely overprotective, how is it endearing in Edward, but drives me batty in Mr. McPorkchop?! LOL! :):)

I slept so so so good last night, I think its because Mr. McPorkchop made a surprise visit last night!!! He snuck by for a quick dinner! It was so so so nice to see him even if it was just for an hour. I'm really worried about him today, we are having crazy weather with hail, thunderstorm and lightning warnings and with his job he has no cell service and camps outdoors :( He sent me a text saying he was aware of the storm (obviously! lol, thunder isn't easy to miss!) and they were going to spend the night in Weaverville. Phew!

It's been rumbling today, the lights have flickered a few times, my tv keeps going in and out. I won't be venturing out today to the post office or mail. Quarter size hail warnings? No thanks!!!! Every 15 minutes the tv updates the weather warnings. I don't drive in the rain...actually, I lied, I try not to drive at all, lol, but I reallly don't drive in the rain! It's nice and cozy inside, I'm planning on doing some baking, I have my favorite pumpkin spice candles lit, my house still smells like my hazelnut coffee from this morning....I'm warm!

I'll be updating the shop tomorrow, I'm not sure what time, but if your a fan of Heather Ross, you'll want to check out this update. Think gnomes, bikes and ice cream trucks! Cuuuute! It'll most likely be around 5 pm PST! It'll be smaller because I'm trying to get those last two orders done and in the mail. :):)

Emails have requested that I hold off until Friday to update! So I'll update Friday instead :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic day! I'm going to eat some dinner and read, then keep sewing!! yay!!!!


P.S. If anyone would like to give me their quilting opinions I'd be thankful! I'd like to make mod quilt sampler but Halloween-ish. If you know me, you know that I adore Halloween. Me + Autumn = love!!!! I'm just torn on fabrics, do I chose modern fabric just in autumn colors or chose fun and funky Halloween Prints?! I'd sash it in Kona, either a warm white or black. It'll be a little while before I can afford the fabric and the time, but I like making plans! I'd just adore a funky Halloween/Autumn themed quilt for our home! Did you know that my hugest dreams are to get married on Halloween and own a pumpkin farm?! True story! :):)