It's Monday!

This is my mini quilt for today!!! I realized this weekend that my scrap pile was overflowing so I thought I'd try to make some bright and fun scrap blocks. Then I decided I'd use them for a mini quilt! Yay!

I've been wanting to be more adventurous with quilting but I'm such a newb that it takes a lot of gumption. Actually, posting things I've created online *always* fills me with anxiety, I'm kinda terrified that people will be snarks, so I have to like, build up to posting photos. Let's not even get into the idea of going to a craft show alone. Weird huh? You should see me in real life, I'm a overly self conscious dweeb ;) You know the song Online? I swear that's me. My real life is pretty fun but I'm so much cooler online ;):):) Give it a listen, I bet you'll laugh.


I tried free motion quilting for the second time this weekend. I wanted to do something fun and silly so I quilted a gnome and mushroom. Yay! As I was doing it I kept thinking, this will either be amazing or awful. It was a toss up! I literally just looked at the gnome and drew it on the fabric with my sewing machine, I didn't draw it before hand because it was a spur of the moment idea and it was getting really dark in our little house. I'm still unsure this morning but my amazing twitter bffs have said its good, so there we go!

This weekend was really really really hard. I've realized what keeps making me bummed out...the freaking WEATHER! Seriously, two plus weeks of fog? No sunlight? Hi! THIS IS JUNE!!! I had *no* idea it would bother me this much. So on Saturday Mr. McPorkchop & I went for a drive up the coast to Crescent City. It was so nice to be in the sun. We went to the beach! We watched sea lions! I got to see pelicans!!! Did you know that I totally adore pelicans? They are my favorite! Last summer we visited Modoc County just so I could see the giant white pelicans while they were migrating. Yup. Dweeb status!

See! Happy! Waving at you! Hello! It's sunny!!! We are happy!!! SUNGLASSES EVEN!!!!

Yay!!!! So when we came home from our adventure I got an email from Spool letting me know that I'd won their birdie sling contest! CRAZYYYY!!! How awesome is that? Thank you so much again Laura!!! Right now you can enter the Barcelona contest! I'm dying to make some clothes this summer but that would involve garment sewing and taking my own measurements, neither of which I'm currently feeling like I can do ;)

Also, I got some incredible packages this weekend, so so so exciting! My labels arrived! Now I just need the courage to start sewing pouches and crib quilts to sell. And  then there was not so exciting, I got two packages returned. AGAIN. I have no idea why this keeps happening. AND! Two packages that I mailed PRIORITY on tuesday morning just arrived TODAY to their destinations! What's happening USPS? We bought a new printer this weekend too, hopefully it comes this week! It'll be nice to be able to print postage from home again! And its wireless! fancy pants!

Ok, I'm off to work for the rest of the day and reply to emails. And work some more. I'm going to starbucks, tanning (no comments please!), the post office and more errands today! Then it's home to sew more and then to Monday night quilting! I'm not sure what project I'll work on. I'm currently in between projects, I'm waiting for thread and batting to go on sale at JoAnns, my five & dime quilt has already taken 6 spools of thread. And I'm not even remotely close to being done! I might work on my dream quilt, I've gotten a lot of amazing Heather Ross fabrics from friends online and I think I'm about ready to make a few more blocks and then start assembling it. Actually yeah, I think I'm going to start on that tonight :)

AND! Check out the shop! I didn't do a big annoucement on Friday so there are stil some pads in stock! Nows a great chance to snag a one of a kind Heather Ross fabric pad :):)

xox have a great monday!

ps, want to see some things that inspire me? Click here!