I got my labels! Aren't they cuuuuteee! I'm so so so glad I got them! They are woven and have little sewing machines on them! aweee!!! Also, is it bad that I want to take 90000 photos of zippers?

So I'd really really REALLY like to start making and selling patchwork/quilted pouches.

I've been wanting to do it for a while now. I make bags for myself, for friends, I've donated them, I just can't seem to gather the courage to sell them. I have no idea why, I'm just a giant wimp I guess. I'm afraid no one will like them! Haha, dorky huh? I've sold one hex bag almost identical to the one I've made myself but it took so so so long and it was reflected in the price which is totallly not for everyone. I'd like to just make one of a kind, rad, patchwork-y quilted pouches. Something that you could keep your id, cash, phone, etc in and when you take it out of your purse, people are like "hey! thats rad!" or "wow! I've never seen that before!" Know what I mean? I don't know! It's just a pipe dream! There are already sooo many fantastic pouch makers out there though. Like some seriously RAD ladies!!!!

Here are 5 things that I'm really into right now:

  1. EASports Active for wii! I had a $25 amazon.com gift certificate to use and a $25 visa gift card! So I paid $6 out of pocket (actually I had $7 in my paypal, lol)! SCORE! Don't get me wrong, I adore wii fit, but I need a little something more. I'm still losing weight, which is so rad, but I'm verrrrry flabby. I'm thinking exercize + fake sunshine will help a ton!
  2. Summer-y beverages! Even though the weather here isn't summer-y, I'm drinking iced nonfat caramel macchiatos and audacious apricot ale! Both totally make me smile, but I limit myself to two a week of each so they are special!
  3. Animal Crossing!!!! Shanna & Kimberly are making me fall back in love with this game! I realized this morning that I've barely scratched the surface with all the awesome stuff you can do in it!
  4. Patchwork Patchwork Patchwork! I've been making scrappy blocks nonstop! Not even blocks, just sewing together little bits and pieces of things. I can't bear to throw away a single scrap! I gave a giant bag of scraps to Ash and hopefully she creates something fantastic from them!
  5. Trying new things! Making new friends! Reading new books! Listening to new jams! Trying to swap more even though I've been burned TWICE now. Wishing more rad people lived in my neighborhood! I'm hoping to go camping for the first time this summer!

I've been to the post office five times since yesterday trying to figure out whats going on! Packages are taking FOREVER to get to their places and I'm getting packages returned to me. That's so so so lame. I'm not even printing the postage at home but going to the post office and having them do it. Not impressed. AND. ARGH! I ordered a jelly roll, Halloween jelly roll, Moda Chic or Treat, in case your curious, for quilt camp, it shipped almost TWO weeks ago PRIORITY and it shows it as being in Eureka, but not at my house. Just floating around. Did you steal it Angie? I know your local and love Halloween fabric! lol. But seriously, this is getting annoying. I had a package of Japanese fabric take almost 2 months to arrive, from a seller whos packages usually only take 2 weeks!!! >:( NOT IMPRESSED USPS! I'm shaking my fist at you!!!

Ok! I'm off to work on a certain someones birthday gift/trade and finish up another order! yay!!!

OH! If you wouldn't mind leaving me your thoughts and ideas on this, I'd be jazzed! You all helped so much on my mod sampler idea, I'm going to go with studio e :)

xoox have a great Tuesday gang!