Wow guys! WOW!!!! Thank you so so so much for all your kind and supportive comments! I was so surprised when I woke up this morning to an inbox full of love!!! I can't believe how many people say "I" inspire "them". I'm a dweeb for sure!!! It is all YOU who inspire ME! Gosh!

I've been sewing, planning, sewing, seam ripping, planning. I'm a big planner. In fact, 97% of my ideas never make it because I overthink it to death. It's just my nature. I'm not a risk taker anymore. I psych myself out constantly! I'm really really REALLY a pro at talking myself out of new things. True Story!!!! But I'm trying super hard to not talk myself out of this because I've wanted to do this for so so so long. I myself own a zillion cute pouches, in fact my very first etsy purchase was a pouch! I love little things! Just adore them! And I want to make them for you!

I stayed up far too late last night running on coffee and bananas. I didn't even know I liked bananas until recently. Now I can't get enough of them. I bought 5 on Monday and I only half one left! I also have half a watermelon calling my name! I'm allergic to more than half of raw fruits and veggies so being able to find stuff I can eat = gorge central! I also have a terrible habit of only eating one meal a day and I tend to put it off until 5-6 pm. Not smart. I've been trying to "snack smartly" and "eat normal, filling dinners" but today I was craving a hamburger. Like, I wanted one so fiercely! I got one. It was totally worth it. I even got fries. Also so so so worth it. Now I'm sitting down making lists, planning and making more lists. I can't handle being disorganized! I need to reorganize my sewing space tonight as well. I can't work when its messy.

I came home from errands today and sat outside to do some bookkeeping work and wait for my mail man. Imagine my surprise when he came but with NO MAIL. Ok, sometimes mail doesn't come, but I knew of things that had to be arriving, I literally have THREE, yup THREE priority packages that show they are in Eureka, but not here. Not to mention things like my INTERNET BILL which I haven't gotten yet. What the HECK! So I showed him with my laptop how they are here but not here. Thankfully he is a SAINT and was going to talk to the post master and get back to me tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm not sending ANYTHING until Mr. McPorkchop sets up our new printer on Friday, then I'll drive to a different post office and drop them off. Am I being crazy? Totally! But for each order thats been sent back to me, I've resent it priority back and its starting to get expensive! SHEESH. Mail where ARE you!!!!

I'm dying to do some knitting. It comes in spurts. Right now I'm obsessed with this little number! And this one too! I clearly have a thing for triangle shawls. I have ishbel sitting in my knitting bag marinating. With Joelenes help I'm making it with out the lace because the lace was killlingg me! I sent a message to a gal on ravelry about some yarn she has for sale/trade, I sure hope I can get it from her! I never log into ravelry and for some reason it doesn't email me when I have a new message so I need to change that! I really would like to get some lint-y yarn. I have no idea why I think of it as lint-y but I do!

Ok gang, I'm off to get started on cleaning and organizing. I'm excited and hopefully I'll have some really great stuff to show you soon!!!!

xo Happy Wednesday!!!!