Hey All!

Happy Saturday!

I've gotten quite a few emails asking where/how I've been which is so so so sweet.<3 you guys to BITS!

On Tuesday I had a very unexpected personal/heath issue. I don't feel comfortable talking about it in detail but everything will be ok :) I'll be in Redding for 4 weeks at the shortest, I'm staying at my moms, which is pretty fun!

Yesterday Mr. McPorkchop & I went to Eureka so I could grab some fabric, clothes, my sewing machine, etc. Well somehow my sewing machine got put the car without the case. Which means no foot pedal. No power cord. NICE! Thankfully I found an amazing dealer, Greens in Grants Pass..or maybe I called Medford? I spoke with Rosemary, who was a SWEETHEART, I ordered a new foot pedal and powercord and it's being UPS Expressed here. SWEET! How crazy is it that with gas prices its cheaper to do something like that than drive home!? Sheesh.

Today we did some little errands but I'm freaking beat so we came home pretty fast. I did visit two "new to me" fabric shops and it was a blast! I found some great treasures! And Mr. McPorkchop bought me a super cute little clover bobbin holder! I'll post photos soon. We are having a BBQ tonight with Mr. McPorkchops Dad and my mom! Hopefully some other friends will come by too!

I'm wayyyy overwhelmed with emails, swaps, etc. I'm going to most likely catch up on Monday when my mom is at work and I'm getting stuff organized.

Have a great weekend pals!