Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Lots of spending time writing, reading, pondering, writing some more. Just trying to figure out lots of little things that have been bothering me lately. Tons of time is being spent with friends and family. Even more time at night has been spent sitting in the hot tub at night chatting with my mom!

I've been sewing here and there. My mom is getting the inside of our house painted by Wes's sister April! Awesome! The fabrics I've brought with me are scattered around the house, in rubbermaids and plastic bags >:( So I've been working on some knitting and handwork! In fact, I added some hexagon moleskines to the shop! I'm hoping to add some coffee cup cozies, pouches and other rad stuff I've been working on through out the week. I'm also getting started on a big wholesale order that I can't wait to show you guys photos of!

Yesterday Mr. McPorkchop & Mr. McPorkchops Dad & I went for a drive! I of course stumbled upon a quilt shop. And by quilt shop, I mean GOLD MINE!!!! I was stunned. This awesome shop is called Tater Patch Quilts in Merrill, Oregon. I freaking loved it. I mean I was running around the store embarrassing myself. It was THAT good. And I of course had to share my good fortune :) Hopefully this will not only make a fantastic quilt shop happy but also make some of my favorite quilting ladies happy as well. Mr. McPorkchops Dad was kind enough to buy me an entire UpTown fat quarter tower, then Mr. McPorkchop bought me some paint by number deer and birds. Can you guess what I'm going to make? A lush + uptown quilt! yayayayayy! I think I might design it myself. Oooo what a rebel!!! It's going to involve lots of fussy cutting, different sized blocks and a cute quilting design on top!

Guess what else? I saw sandhill cranes! I can now scratch them off my lifetime list of birds! YAY!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm slowly making progress on my teal/red/cream string quilt...its slow going! I'm trying not to obsess over where to place fabrics and make it random but that hasn't been working out so well! lol!

I'm hoping the painting will be done by Monday-Tuesdays. Then I'll be packaging up swaps and whatnot that I've been slow with :):)