{*~Introducing New Daily Pads~*}




What an exciting week here at my little house!!!

After weeks and weeks of sketching, drafting, sewing, I finally can present my newest pad!

A daily, reversible, breathable panty liner!!! ::cheers!!!::

These are the perfect little pad for anyone who is interested in cloth pads, but isn't quite ready to tackle using them during their cycle. They are also fantastic for anyone who has made an eco-friendly New Years Resolution, instead of buying a package of disposable panty liners once a month, you can buy a few and either hand wash & soak or toss them in with your towels! Perfect! These also dry extremely fast (mine dry in my window sills ;)) so you can even skip the dryer! Within a year these pay them selves off, which is the same with most cloth products, but panty liners are a great way to dip your toes into the cloth world!!!!

The liners feature super cute combination's of great modern fabrics, because they are cotton on both sides (rather than a layer of anti-pill fleece which is typical on most cloth pads)  they are so comfortable and breathable! They have a hidden layer of bamboo fleece, which is a great sustainable fiber, which encompasses the *entire* pad, so the wings even have bamboo hidden in them! This is so perfect for backup cup use, occasional mid-month spotting and providing a bit of extra security for you! Bamboo is also said to have anti-bacterial properties, which is so very awesome!

Size wise these pads are very petite, I wore one earlier in the week with a form fitting skirt and it was so comfortable and thin, I walked yesterday at the beach while wearing spandex (eek!) work out pants and not only did it stay put and not scoot around, but it was invisible with such body concious pants! Score!!!

They measure a tiny bit under 6 and a half inches long, they snap in the middle to 2 inches and at their widest back point they are 3 inches. They fit wonderfully in all sorts of panties, from boy shorts to hipster bikinis, I prefer to wear them with panties that fit snug in the leg, although it's really a personal preference!

Daily pads will go on sale on Etsy on Thursday, January  22nd at 6 PM PST! I'll also have some new cute pads in other sizes as well!

I *just* got my computer back, so I'm back in the email game! I'm trying to slowly catch up, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about anyone :)

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!!!! xoxox