(snow apple pin cushion! made with japanese fabrics, felt, Heather Bailey pattern and Martha Stewart glitter!!! eee!!! Getting back used to the old machine!!!)

Hello Again!

Happy 2009!!!!!


Mr. McPorkchop & I are back in Eureka from our vacation!!!

What a wild ride 2009 has been so far!

Firstly: I'm somehow jinxing all mechanical things in my life! My macbook is currently being repaired, so I'm blogging via one of Mr. McPorkchops laptops. My sewing machine...the brand new Pfaff is being repaired and I won't have it until the first week of MARCH. Yup. MARCH.

Secondly: I've decided that 2009 is MY YEAR. My year to make changes, my year to follow dreams, my year to start good habits and my year to shine. I'm at a point in my life where the sky is the limit and I plan on living each day to the fullest. I'm making a plan to be healthier in 2009 and I've already lost over 6 lbs! YEAH!!!

Thirdly: Since I'm macbook-less, I have no photos from our vacation!!!  I filled an entire memory card and I don't want to try and edit them on Porkchops computer, so bear with me.

Also, NEW ADDICTION!!!! Animal Crossing: City Folk!!! I got it as a Christmas gift and I can't stop playing!! If you play, let me know and we can swap friend codes! Our afternoons have been filled with sitting on the couch, smelling our STILL ALIVE!!! Christmas tree, relaxing, drinking hot cocoa and playing wii. The past 3 days have been *magical*.

Fourthly: I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT VALENTINES DAY!!!! I've completely cleaned my sewing nook, like huge cleaning, like 3 hours of cleaning and I've made a stack of amazing Valentine fabrics, plus bought more AND Martha Stewart Ribbon to put on pads! Thankfully my old machine makes the cutest little hearts and bow stitches, although its definately taking some getting used too! I'm hoping to update the shop this week!

Fifthly: I'm very, very, very slow at replying to emails. Like, I have emails from Dec. 12th that I haven't replied too...hopefully it'll happen!!!!

That's all for now!!!

Tell me all about your Christmas, New Years and 2009 goals!!!

Have a *fantastic* afternoon!!! xoxo