{~*Ms. Becoming Mrs.McPorkchop*~}

Mr. McPorkchop & I are going to be married on October 30th, 2009! We are so very excited! We've picked a theme of "autumn woodland". I'll be yudu-ing our wedding invites which I'm so excited about! I have an amazing photographer, my dearest friend Jody, our wedding bands will be made by the extremely talented and lovely Abigail Percy, its just going to be amazing! My mom is catering the entire thing and it's going to be held at her bff Liv's property in Sweet Brier, CA. Mom is making...wait for it....a SPICE CAKE with MERINGE MUSHROOMS!!! EEEEEE!!! Did you know my mom is a chef? This is going to be amazing. I think I might even have a violinist to walk down the aisle too! There is even a rumor of a small object cake topper ;)

I'm simply obsessed with oncewed.com. It's been amazing to look though!

We are both over joyed! We are going camping tomorrow morning until Sunday! I'm planning on journaling the entire experience! It's so soon!

Did I mention I'm making my own dress + a quilt for Mr. McPorkchop as a gift? If anyone has some paint by number deer in the blues, please let me know :) I'll gladly buy it from you :):)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!! Happy 4th!!!!