Thanks so so so much everyone for your kind words on my upcoming wedding, we are pretty much dying of excitement!!!!

I've just updated the shop with new stuff! Yay!

My friend Amanda sent me this amazing package with owl fabric, all I want to do is make owl things! I'm making an owl quilt from scraps starting this weekend!I'm going to cut out owls and then make big blocks from bits and pieces of stuff! Cute huh?

We are driving and spending the weekend with Mr. McPorkchops dad! Does anyone have any suggestions for quilt shops in or around Grass Valley/Nevada City? I'm dying to go there and see the Victorians Houses and Gold Rush stuff! I'm a history buff, did you know that? I accidently left my field guide to American Architecture at home in Eureka though :( Any places to visit would be neat :)

I'm off to finish a custom order and resew a lost order!  Tomorrow is post office day so anything you buy today gets shipped tomorrow morning! And bobby pins will ship for free if you buy them along with something else :):)

Have a GREAT Tuesday!